Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith will use Jewish residential home, Nightingale, as a case study in a report on elder care in the UK.

Mr Duncan Smith, who runs the think-tank, the Centre for Social Justice, made the announcement during the launch of the report at the home in Clapham yesterday where a panel of leading care professionals discussed the current and emerging needs of older people in Britain in front an audience of people within the care sector.

Mr Duncan Smith, who is expected to join the Cabinet if the Tories win the election, praised the work at Nightingale and said: “I have asked for a case study of Nightingale to look at how it’s run and see if it is a model which can be replicated.

“This care home is in the top end in terms of quality. I’m incredibly impressed by that network of support in the Jewish community at every stage of life, particularly the elderly.

“Those of us who are not Jewish and the rest of the UK could learn a lot about family and community. I always think I wish others could do it properly like this.”

The report will look into preventative interventions, funding models, social care provision and dementia care.

Nightingale, Britain’s largest residential home, has 200 residents, more than 500 members of staff and volunteers and has been in its current premise in Nightingale Lane for more than 100 years.

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