Many people believe thet Zio-Freemanons control the world. The position of Zio-Freemasonry is equivalent to that of European Monarchies during the Dark Ages i,e agencies through which the Church/Pharaonic Priesthood controlled the population.
Zio-Freemans are ignorant slaves of ‘ISRAEL’ after all some body has to carry out  corrupt menial tasks for world domination as an example the involvement of Zio-Freemason Dick Atkinson in the local politcal party RESPECT  ‘ one of the RESPECT Councilers is member of the so called Balsall Heath Forum’Company’ witch rune by Zio-Freemasons Atkinson.
Remember the best form of slavery is when slaves do not realise that they are slaves. How can people who wear aprons, roll up their trouser legs, perform strange HANDSHAKES and write hundrds of books exposing themselves be the real controllers of the world?
Even the cockney comedian, Jim Davidson is worshipful master of one of Britain’s top Mosonic lodges! the real organisers do not reveal themslves for they are COWARDS. However, it must be pointed out that secret societies do exist and they are secret because their deeds are EVIL and must be hidden.
Evil cannot stand the light of the truth.
For further information about Evil Zio-Freemasons read:

* Black park White fire, by Richard Poe
*Egyption symbols compared with those discovered in America 1880 by: John A.Weisse
Ward.J.S.M Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods, 2nd ed ‘ London; 1926’
*M Beigent, R Leight & H Lincoln The Messianic Legacy.

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