IsraHell asks Egypt’s Morsi to uphold peace treaty


ed note–as it always is with Jewish interests, this is a case of all show and no go. Israel is planning military operations against Egypt in the near future for the purpose of reclaiming the Sinai but has to make it appear that she wants peace and that it is those mean old A-rabs who want war.
Israel wants to strengthen its relations with Egypt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a letter to new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a senior Israeli official told dpa Sunday on condition of anonymity, dpa reported.
President Shimon Peres also sent a letter to Morsi, asking him to uphold Egypt’s 33-year-old peace agreement with the Jewish state, his office said.
“As someone who took part in the process that led to the peace agreement that was signed between my country and yours, I know that both Egypt and Israel attribute supreme importance to regional peace and stability,” said Peres’ letter, according to a copy sent to dpa.
“We in Israel congratulate you on the holding of democratic elections and wish Egypt, under your leadership, the courage to face the complex challenges that confront the Egyptian nation.
“We hope for continued cooperation with you based on the peace agreements that were signed between us over three decades ago,” it said.
Israelis have unofficially expressed concern at the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Islamist group Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, is seen as an offshoot of the brotherhood.
Morsi, who was sworn in Saturday, has promised to uphold international agreements, including the peace treaty with Israel, but has said he would not meet with Israeli officials.
Former president Hosny Mubarak, who had kept up a cold but stable peace with Israel, hosted Israel’s top leaders in Cairo, although he declined offers to return the visits.

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