Islam Does Not Like Christians


Posted by: Maisoon

By: Elad Benari

It is the WEST that GAVE US our Corrupt Leaders who are ruling OUR Nations FOR THE  KABBALA ZIONIST WEST.
It is the WEST that CREATED ISRAEL in 1948!!
It is the WEST and its ignorant people that Finance and give moral ‘religious’ biblical support to the PHONEY JEWISH State of Israel

It is ISRAEL, not the USA, that owns and CONTROLS THE USA as was so vividly and brazenly stated by the Butcher of Beirut, Sharon.

It is ISRAEL that gives the mind controlled West its orders and propaganda Tools and its marching orders!!


It is ISRAEL that possesses and has used WMDS and MINI NUKES and other diabolical Chemical and Biological Weapons on Arabs – Palestine, Iraq,Lebanon, Syria, Egypt!!

It is ISRAEL that has its NUCLEAR WARHEADS TARGETED at every single European Capital City, according to a Military Strategy Israeli professor

It is ISRAEL, not Palestine that has an ARMY both funded and armed thanks to American/European Zionist Jewry

It is ISRAEL , NOT Palestinians carrying out a MASS HOLOCAUST of Palestinians it is ISRAEL that violates International Law, the Geneva Convention and.

It is ISRAEL that has NEVER complied with ANY UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTIONS, which total well over 70 to date!!
It is ISRAEL that committed the first TERRORIST attack an assassinates European officials.

It is ISRAEL that carried out 9/11, 7/7 London Bombing, Madrid Bombing,, USS Liberty, the 1967 Arab Israeli war and all the other Arab Israeli Conflicts.

It is ISRAEL COVERTLY involved in Iraq, training and Funding the troublesome Kurds, the Rebels in Darfur and Somalia which Israel incites. It is ISRAEL tha is the Apartheid Racist State, an Apartheid and Racism far worse than anything Black africa endured, according to Desmond Tutu!!

It is ISRAEL carrying out secret Eugenics projects, creating biological weapons that they hope will target “Arab genes’

It is Palestine that is suffering Palestinians have no army, no military etc…. their country/infrastructure severely  divided, many of their democratically Elected officials imprisoned and regularly humiliated and tortured

It is Palestinian Christians and Muslims being ethnically cleansed, slowly holocausted, not the Israelis!! It is Palestine that is dying every minute. It is Palestinian children being used as target practice by bored and drug induced and indoctrinated mind  controlled racist IDF soldiersand yet here you are attacking Palestinians for their RIGHTto seek armed struggle, as pathetic as it is, against the Devil’s Demons and Hamas are the only group we have left who are unwilling to SELL their Peoples’ SOULS to Satan and his Disciples!

It is Palestinians who are living in one huge GULAG Concentration Camp, surrounded by a formidable American funded IDF Military, unable to move freely from street to street, village to village, country to country, with  no access totheir schools, their universities, hospitals, civic centres, their roads, their water, their land, their employment, their livelihoods, evenf rom their own relatives, divided by a monstrous 18m STONE WALL to SEGREGATE the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE

I for one as a Palestinian already know that we do not HAVE any Arab Allies within our corrupt and bought Government Leaders and our struggle is going to be tragically difficult and heart breaking. I for one will support Hamas as long as it continues to honour the principles and RIGHTS of the Palestinian People.

I will continue to support these people who fight to rid our nation of Traitors within, shameful to our people, and rid our nation of our Oppressors and Colonial racist Occupiers, be they American, British, French German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish European Zionist ‘Jewish’ Judeo Converts!

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