Is Kissing a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” a “Terrorist Act”?


Is Kissing a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” a “Terrorist Act”?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
When George W. Bush respectfully kisses King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, does this mean that Dubya could –by some stretch of the imagination– be considered a “suspected terrorist”, who should never have been elected president of the United States of America?

“Flashpoint for War”: U.S. and Japan Plan Military Response to Chinese Incursions of Disputed Islands
By Zero Hedge
Things are again rapidly heating up in the East China Sea amidst already heightened tensions in a region where Washington is increasingly asserting the right of navigation in international waters against broad Chinese claims and seeking to defend the territorial possessions of its allies.

Photo of Brazil President-Elect Bolsonaro’s Sons Wearing Israel’s IDF and Mossad Shirts Goes Viral
By Randi Nord
A photo of Bolsonaro’s sons donning shirts depicting logos of Israel’s Mossad spy agency and “Israeli Defense Forces” (military) has gone viral, highlighting how Bolsonaro will normalize ethno-fascism as seen in Apartheid Israel that could stretch from the Americas to the Middle East and beyond.

The West Is Failing Julian Assange
By Stefania Maurizi
This lack of cooperation from the UK authorities – which can be reasonably interpreted as a deliberate effort to make Assange feel helpless, to break him down, so he’ll step out of the embassy and they can arrest him – has helped create this Catch-22 situation, with Ecuador attempting various options to find a solution, like giving Assange diplomatic status so he can leave the embassy protected by diplomatic immunity.

Trump’s Project of a Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA), An “Arab NATO-like Alliance” to Confront Iran
By Dr. Elias Akleh
While the USA and the Gulf States have enlisted, trained and armed all the terrorist groups that have been destroying Syria and Yemen during the last decade, they accused Iran of a state sponsorship of terrorism. The facts on the ground show clearly that Iran has been fighting and defeating terrorist groups and protecting Syrian cities first and eventually the whole region.

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, Says U.S. NTP in Final Report
By Microwave News
The NTP found what it calls “clear evidence” that two different types of cell phone signals, GSM and CDMA, increased the incidence of malignant tumors in the hearts of male rats over the course of the two-year study. Higher incidences of brain and adrenal tumors were also seen, but those associations were judged to be somewhat weaker.

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