UK, April 2, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) – This heading may appear alarming to some people but is there a hidden master plan? Is it possible that some aspects of this has already started and if so how and who is involved. We hear so many times of the so called “New World Order and the “Illuminati” but does it actually exist? What ever you want to call this elite organisation one can say with some certainty that it does certainly exist. I also find it incredible that this relatively small group can change the course of history and we the millions may have no power to stop it.
So where does this start and who is involved? In my opinion mass depopulation is already well underway with the use of weapons containing uranium components. It all started back in the Balkans and has progressively worked its way via Kuwait – Iraq – Afghanistan – Lebanon – Gaza – Pakistan and soon Yemen and Somalia.
But let’s turn back the clock and see when the aggressive use of “Dirty Weapons” really started. As I said previously the war in Balkans was the initial testing grounds for these weapons but something significant had to happen to allow the New World Order to move forward.  
Obviously 9/11 kick started a series of events that has now become part of the “New World Orders Master Plan. In my opinion 9/11 was a total conspiracy and a very carefully planned Mossad operation, with of course the full support of certain figures within the US and elsewhere. I will cover this conspiracy in more details later on in the series
Doesn’t it appear strange that some of the most powerful people in the world are members of the Freemasons and yet I feel that there are others much further up the ladder that pull the strings of these puppets. The ones at the top of the pyramid are the supper rich elite who control the finances of the world and thus have control of the world.
You may be surprised to learn who some of these key players are and what this means to the majority of us who live on this planet. I will cover this aspect in another part.
So this “False Flag Conspiracy” called 9/11 gave these evil satanic minded people the justification to go to war whilst at the same time allowed them to spread fear into the hearts and minds of their respective populations. Perhaps, you the public are not totally convinced that 9/11 was a conspiracy, hopefully before the end of this series you will be!
Whilst talking about 9/11 as to who did what or how such a huge structure managed to collapse like a pack of card,  let’s just ask the question why have so many emergency teams became acutely sick and may succumb to cancer?
Besides the controlled explosions that took place what could cause this ever increasing list of casualties and why is the US Government moving so fast to keep this out of court? Could it be that depleted uranium also became part of this scenario?
A fund has been raised by the Federal Reserve for between 10,000 – 70,000 workers who will be offered a share in the $657 million payout. The deal however does come with an ultimatum that no one takes out a lawsuit. One should also ask the question, how many more people in the New York area have become victims of 9/11?
So to move on, you may ask the question who would want to depopulate in mass and how is it possible to do this without we the people knowing it is taking place? How could this be achieved over a period of time? Has this process already started and when did it start?
To find the answers we have to go back to the original nuclear tests that were carried out at Los Alamos. It must be clearly understand that back in 1943 nuclear experts were discussing the advantages of using fine dust as a weapon. One such document was issued on the 30th of October 1943 which quoted “
It is recommended that a decision be obtained from competent authority authorizing additional work pertaining to the use of radioactive materials in order  that this country may be ready to use such materials or be ready to defend itself against the use of such materials”. This same document contained information as follows:
2 As a gas warfare instrument the material would be ground into particles of microscopic size to form dust and smoke and distributed by a ground-fired projectile, land vehicles, or aerial bombs.  In this form it would be inhaled by personnel.
The amount necessary to cause death to a person inhaling the material is extremely small.  It has been estimated that one millionth of a gram accumulating in a person’s body would be fatal.  There are no known methods of treatment for such a casualty.
Two factors appear to increase the effectiveness of radioactive dust or smoke as a weapon.  These are:  (1) It cannot be detected by the senses; (2) It can be distributed in a dust or smoke form so finely powdered that it will permeate a standard gas mask filter in quantities large enough to be extremely damaging.
This document gave the background to today’s weapons that are not only  highly effective in there ability to penetration deep into the target but also the pyrophoric qualities of this product allows it to  ignite spontaneously and create a huge cloud of fine DU dust that becomes a lethal airborne aerosol.
The documents relating to the above are held by the Palestine Telegraph and the header of the original memorandum is shown here to prove its authenticity:
Although in more modern times we give reference to its usage in the Balkans the experimental side of using Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons actually stemmed back to the war between Israel and Egypt (Yom Kippur War) in  October 1973.
The US gave Israel new weapons that contained DU and also sent over their own specialist to train the IDF in the usage of such weapons. Unknown to the IDF at the time this was the start of what would become a progressive contamination of the many areas of conflict and the world.
Coming back to the late 1900’s we can now see the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Balkans with extremely high level of cancer and other symptoms that directly relate to the weapons used containing uranium components. Small villages and towns are running out of burial space as the toll continues to climb.
Iraq is another classic case of a country that has had it genetics possibly altered forever and in some locations the women are now being asked not to have children. But the problem does not remain there. It is on going with dramatic increases in many forms of cancers, diabetes, mental disorders, infertility etc. One could see a dramatic decline in the population of Iraq within a reasonable time frame.
Afghanistan is another major problem area where contamination is manifesting itself on a much larger scale owing to the excessive usage of uranium based weapons. They are currently encountering the same birth defects we have seen in Iraq and it will only be a matter of time before they also are asked not to have children in certain areas. The main problem is that the half life of Depleted Uranium for example is 4.5 billion years and so it is passed down the line from sibling to sibling.
Now we can turn to Gaza, the latest victim of US and IDF dirty weaponry. The IDF used a vast array of weapons with heavy usage of weapons that contained both DU/EU components.  This was both before, during and after “Cast Lead.” Birth defects are increasing in Gaza to almost double that of the previous year.
Gaza’s Health Minister, Dr Bassem Naim, said the study of the biological samples proved that the Israelis used internationally prohibited weapons against the Palestinians. He warned that the large percentage of toxic uranium in the territory would pose a real threat to future generations.
So what do these evil planners have in mind for the residents of planet Earth? How could this be carried out and who would be the chosen few? It is obvious that the first victims in the current stand off would be Israel and Iran who would form part of the initial stages of their plan.
The US encourages conflict between the two and really would prefer Israel to carry out the first strike. Israel would then basically become the sacrificial lamb by launching an attack on Iran (with the assistance of the US). This action would then cause Iran to carry out a reprisal attack, not only on Israel but also possibly on other US Military/Civilian targets in the Middle East, such as Bahrain.
Within a very short period of time the US would then counter attack on a massive scale and very carefully bring NATO onboard (an attack on one is an attack on all) setting the Middle East on fire. One would expect the use of Nuclear Weapons or certainly weapons that have uranium components on a scale not seen before in the Middle East.
This would be a contained Nuclear War confined to the Middle East only. However, the radiation fall out from such an event would be catastrophic to the populations of the entire Middle East, including Israel itself and the world beyond. One would assume that China would eventually intervene and back Iran and even possibly Russia which could turn this regional war into a full scale WW3.
Whatever the final outcome it is clear that the genetics of the entire Middle East would fall victim to depleted uranium and we could expect to see a dramatic rise in many forms of cancer, diabetes, infertility, birth deformities and deaths.
There would remain one big problem for the US and the West and that is the question of China and Russia and what new alliances would be formed. China is becoming a formidable super power with a sound economic infrastructure. In actual fact the investment rate by China is extremely impressive with major shares in the US and Western Economies. The potential rise of China into becoming the next super power must send shock waves throughout the US.
As we have already seen during the Chemical and Biological Warfare trials in Rhodesia and then down in South Africa it is possible for these evil satanic people (The New World Order) to design a weapon or introduce some form of Chemical or Biological means of eliminating an entire race.
In South Africa they designed the “Black on Bomb” which was intended to stop blacks from having children. With all the current and past technology one could see the US/West promoting something that would target the DNA of only those of Chinese descent. Alternatively they may introduce a virus that would have devastating consequences on such a densely populated country as China.
There is still a distinct lack of trust between the US – Russian and China and one can understand why when the US continues to establish its missile defence systems to what it says is to protect itself from any Iranian attack when it is clearly a defence system against Russia. It is evident that the cold war has never finished. Add to this the struggle by both parties to secure and dominate vital energy markets and one can see that no change is on the horizon.
Whatever the plan you can be rest assured (for those that remain) it will be a world of total subservience to our respective governments. One can clearly see a trend that would allow each country to become a police state with almost every government, local government and there respective partnerships having the ability to monitor and control you.
Parking inspectors, rangers and more of those cardboard policemen, Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) for instance, would be given greater power with added extensive CCTV coverage to keep you in check.
The New World Order would only allow selected people to receive advanced education leaving the rest to remain uneducated and therefore unable to fight the system. Many would remain unemployable and everyone would be totally dependent on the state for health care and survival. The New World Order would encourage the splitting up of the family unit, thus breaking down a sound social system.
It would encourage the use of drugs and alcohol and in allowing this to happen would make us all a population of zombies who would not dare challenge the system and who would do everything that is asked of them.
What makes this whole situation frightening is the fact that the US lost at least three nuclear weapons and the UK lost another three. One would ask the question how is this possible. The answer is very easy….when you obtain such weapons under the table you are not in a position to totally secure them or advertise the fact that you have lost them……they basically do not exist.
I guess you would now ask the question…..”I have heard this story before…how can it possibly be true”? The answer is simple: For every deal there has to be witnesses and middlemen, there has to be those who put in a tender for the movement of such weapons, how to move them, people who become signatory to the deal and someone has to be ultimately responsible for making sure they are safe to transfer, inspected pre departure and inspected prior to releasing the final payment upon delivery etc.
As one can imagine no government is going to openly declare that due to their neglect nuclear weapons went missing. One could also clearly see that to this day the US, UK and Israeli Government are still frantically trying to locate them. Israel alone would be in the forefront of this search knowing that many countries are now against them.
I guess one would also assume that if the people in the US knew the truth behind 9/11 they also could become an enemy to Israel. In the same way if they
Illuminateknew that the attack on the USS Liberty was an intentional act of aggression by Israel on a US Military vessel it would certainly cause a rift in US – Israel relations.
The problem here is that so many turmoil’s and false flags are planned by so many different agencies and authorities simultaneously. You have the New World Order who are basically capitalist at the highest level with what some people say are connected to a much higher group called the Illuminati (Jesuits).
The elite are then connected down the line with Freemasons, Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist. Many of these groups have the same initial goal but with a totally different view point on the final outcome. Another issue that has come to light is the fact that many of the Jewish communities living in such places as the US, UK and Australia, who appear to be good citizens of their host country (by swearing allegiance), are in actual fact very much attached to Israel in a powerful nationalistic way i.e. they would rather go and serve their time in the IDF than join the military of the country where they live.
What appears to be the major cause of many conflicts is the insecurity that Israel feels with those that live around them. If at any stage Israel feels threatened by any country in the region they and their lobby groups immediately embark on a campaign to take some sort of action or wage war. The sheer size of their military alone is beyond normal comprehension.  One could certainly see why Israel would want to create a false flag in order to justify an action.
They currently have operatives in Somalia and Yemen and one would hate to imagine what they have up their sleeve. Lets not forget the Israeli airstrikes that were carried out in Sudan last year in direct breach of sovereignty……but I guess they are a rule unto themselves anyway.
One can also see amongst this complicated array of manipulators an extremely powerful Pro Israeli Lobby Groups who offer vast sums of money to potential political candidates or parties in return for the indirect manipulation of a countries policy that favours Israel. The top of the list must surely be The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in the US. These powerful groups almost have the ability to write bills for Congress. They also have the power to squash anything that the Israelis could consider as being against their best interests or that could do damage to their country. On example of this being the Goldstone Report which is now in the balance as a direct result of AIPAC interference and their influence in Congress. The power they wield via the members that they have funded or continue to fund makes them an extremely powerful and dangerous group.
They are also supported by the US Friends of Israel, EU Friends of Israel, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel in the UK. How can one say with sincerity that any political party is truly representative of its people?
One final point before closing Part 1 is the fact that we have a United Nations that basically has no strength whatsoever, despite the number of nations that created it… is a tool by which it’s Security Council decides the fate of any nation. For some time now this Security Council appears to have another member who does not qualify to sit at the table of the elite and yet is consulted on all matters…. That country is Germany.
We started to see this involvement when Obama, Brown and Sarkosy last met in the US and handed out some pretty strong words to Iran…..I refer to this group as the G3.5. Today we see Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s agreeing on sanctions against Iran……can one believe the audacity and arrogance of these people forming alliances and making decisions outside of the United Nations. It becomes clear that the New World Order is showing its fangs and when the time comes it will tell the UN what they had already pre decided……interesting hey?
The next part will look at the New World Order in more detail.
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 1/4/2010
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