Is a free Kurdistan, and a new Israeli ally, upon us?

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Turkey, home to the world’s largest Kurdish population and skittish about any moves that could re-ignite unrest in the country, streamed more troops to its border with Syria after the PYD statement, announcing that it had “a parliamentary mandate to intervene in the Syrian territories if there is a serious risk.”
While Turkey, Iraq, and other countries balk at indications of increased Kurdish self-rule, an independent Kurdish state in the Middle East would be a gift for Israel, many Kurdish and Israeli experts believe. Kurdish journalist Ayub Nuri wrote in July: 

Kurds are deeply sympathetic to Israel and an independent Kurdistan will be beneficial to Israel. It will create a balance of power. Right now, Israel is one country against many. But with an independent Kurdish state, first of all Israel will have a genuine friend in the region for the first time, and second, Kurdistan will be like a buffer zone in the face of the Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

According to Kurdistan expert Ofra Bengio of Tel Aviv University, independence is not on the Syrian Kurds’ agenda any time in the near future. She said:

The PYD is not talking about independence now and will be reluctant to use such terminology in order not to antagonize any of the governments or the international community. Autonomy is the safer goal now. Things may change according to changes on the ground.

But Syria might be so far gone that the Kurds will never agree to rule from Damascus, even under a federal system. Ayub Nuri, the pro-Israel Kurdish journalist cited earlier, said:

The idea of independence is also likely, because I don’t see the PYD having friendly relations with the future government in Damascus that is run by the current opposition fighters.(ed note: i do,especially because erdogan running the rebels and barzani are closely tied) I think the Syrian Kurds as a people have independence as their ultimate goal, but at this point it is not up to them to decide.

Even if the PYD isn’t planning for imminent independence, its growing autonomy and its influence on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s calculations in Iraq could be an important development. The autonomous Kurdistan Region in Iraq borders Kurdish areas in Syria and the two populations’ connections run deep. Iraq’s Kurds and their leaders are deeply sympathetic to the Syrian Kurds, and have been eager to help their brethren across the border avoid the political mistakes they made, some of which resulted in a bloody Kurdish civil war in Iraq almost twenty years ago. While Syria crumbles, the KRG in Erbil continues to help Syrian Kurdish doctors and teachers find employment in the Kurdistan Region. Kurdish students from Syria are allowed to enroll in universities in the KR, despite the fact that Assad refused to grant them passports. Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have fled to the Iraqi Kurdish city of Duhok since the civil war started. KRG Pres Barzani has also served as a mediator between rival Syrian Kurdish factions, the PYD and the Kurdish National Council, closely allied with Barzani’s party in Iraq. Syrian fighters have been training in Iraqi Kurdistan with Barzani’s blessing. Still, the relationship is complex.

The PYD is very closely affiliated with and often seen as an extension of the PKK.[ed notes:not complex at all sorry,lets break it down and simplify it!!!israhell trained pkk fighters and has close ties with barzani,barzani has close ties to erdogans regime,and iraqui kurdistan a hotbed of mossad activity under his watch,is talking about defending ypg,whos in turf war with turkish backed foreign mercenary groups in the syria kurdish region held by ypg.Now,ypg and Iraqui kurdish militants as noted above fougth each other in wars in past decades ago,but since then have cemented relationships,and now barzani whos close to turkey(whos backing rebels,but cose to barzani(zionist) and israhell want to help ypg ,syrias kurds in conflict with rebels.What this tells us is both erdogan and barzani have a shared interest in brokering quick peace talks between these so all can get back to a united effort to attack their shared enemy ,the Syrian govt!!!
It constitutes the rival to Barzani’s KDP for leadership of Kurds across the region. The two sides battled each other during the Kurdish civil war in the 1990s. Earlier this year, the PYD arrested 75 members of Syria’s branch of the KDP, and Barzani responded by closing the border between the Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish regions. Recently, the PKK has been supporting parties in the Kurdistan Region that are critical of Barzani’s grip on power.Kurdistan expert Ofra Bengio of Tel Aviv University, also cited earlier, explained:

The relationship is one of interdependence. The Syrian Kurds need the KRG as a mediator and as strategic depth and the KRG needs the Syrian Kurds for its goal of turning itself into the national center for all Kurds as well as for gaining a closer outlet to the sea.

The US want to keep the political map of the region as it is.
On this issue, Israeli interests run counter to the current US position.(ed notes;thats impossible since us policy in region is dictated by zionist control of us gov and its geopolitical goals,directives and implementations)Ties between Israel and the Kurds run deep. A Mossad officer named Sagi Chori was sent to help his close friend, the late Mustafa Barzani, manage the Kurds’ battles against the Iraqi army in the 1960s. The partnership has been well-documented in Kurdish and Israeli media. And reports of Israel training Kurdish commandos continue to surface. Nationalist Kurds tend to see Israel as a role model for an independent Kurdistan, a small nation surrounded by enemies and bolstered by a strategic partnership with the US. Israel has long developed alliances with non-Arab countries on the periphery of the Middle East. Today, that policy rests on partnerships with Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and Caucasian and central Asian countries. Kurdistan fits perfectly into that framework. The new Kurdish country will likely open full diplomatic relations with Israel. Saadi said:

The Kurds are the only nation in the region that has not been filled with hatred toward USrael. The way Kurds see the world is different from Arabs. Generally, Islamists are more powerful in the Arab world, they think that Islamic Sharia is the solution. However, the majority of Kurds believe in a European style of government. [[[The problem is they don’t know how to get there.]]]] They don’t have experience.

With few friends in the region, the Kurds will likely look to Israel to help them gain security and closer relations with the US. As Arab governments in the Middle East totter and fall, and Islamists look to exploit the chaos, the alliance is one that both countries may find beneficial to pursue.

[ed notes;how do they get there?turkey(allied to zionist ran us,and tied to israhell thru long relationship,and trade),wich is backing rebels against Assad,is close now to barzani whos of course israhelli puppet,and now openly stating he will come to defend ypg against Assads mercenaries in Syrias kurdish regions.As article notes,many ypg kurds who in past had beef with iraquis kurdish factions,started afterwards to rebuiding the relationship,so its only logical to hypothesize,that the turkish govt and barzani who have shared interests in toppling Assad due to their zionist influences and mutual friends(zionist ran us),that these should mediate a ceasefire between ypg and rebels disputing for control of syrias kurdish rebel helf territories,in order that these may unite to overthrow Assad govt,and acomplish this but having barzani saying the opposite,that he would come to defend syrias kurds from his ally erdogans rebels!there is also reason to suspect,that erdogans so called war with kurds in Turkey isnt staged by both sides leadership,in order to secure justification for war budgets(at least in erdogans case),see, erdogan and ocalan reapproachment or secret ties?  

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Iraqi Kurdistan(trained by israhellis) Ready to Defend Syrian Kurds against Cia-Duh?

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