Satanic Fatwa Revealed: Scholars of Duma allows seizing properties of Christians, Alawites and Druz
A Fatwa has been issued by 34 scholars of “Duma Scholars” in which they allow the people of Duma and Damascus countryside to loot properties of Christians, Alawites and Druz and other minorities; they also called for boycotting the people of Damascus because – according to the scholars – they let the “rebels” down and left them behind.
Breaking News Network obtained a copy of the Fatwa stating that all properties seized in Duma and Damascus countryside will be utilized in “buying weaponry and helping the poor, orphans and widows,” the Fatwa says:
Our people in Duma and Damascus countryside…following the doctrines of the Holy Quran and the Prophet, we declare the following:
– All what is left of the properties of Christians, Alawites and Druz to be confiscated besides any party who do not follow the doctrines of the Prophet; a portion of the gains will be dedicated for buying weapons and another to be dedicated for the poor, orphans, widows, the martyrs’ families.
– All Damascene people, of our home men, to be boycotted because they let us down and did not support us that fear and cowardice took them aback.
– We urge all our people to hold fast to our Islamic traditions like taking care of mosques and observing prayers in them.

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