Iraq: Killing them on their streets


Just a little reminder as to what this ‘glorious war’ against ‘terrorism’ produces.

An Iraqi child, drawing Nazi-American airplanes as they are dropping bombs, with a marker taped to his amputated arm..I wonder if Obama saw his children like this, what his reaction would be?

Now I leave it up to you to decide who is the terrorist–the innocent kid or the one responsible for this?

Remember as well–it is not just Iraq. It is Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and, if IsraHell gets her way–Iran, where this will not be the exception but rather the rule.

Put simply, this is the natural by product of ‘Zio-Nazi principles’ once they are applied politically, and until the world comes to understand this fact, these ‘principles’ will continue to destroy everything they touch wherever they go.

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