International reply to Ukraine total failure

Death in th park - mother and baby

Death in the park  for a young mother and baby

[ Editor’s Note : “We don’t know her name, or that of her baby, but we will work on finding out. This is recent as it was sent in by Oleg who found it. The father and husband may be a defense fighter, and maybe not.  We will seek out the family. They were not the only ones killed by the large shell. If it can be any solace, they died instantly from the blast, as she is still holding her baby. She had it clutched tightly as the shells came in.

My apologies for those who might feel this is in bad taste. I don’t claim to commune with the dead, but I felt strongly that she would want us to see her like this, and her baby, and not hide it. She wants us to do something. Frankly, I feel this has the potential to capture world attention as one of the most memorable photos of this criminal war.

When I find out who she is, we will do a full article… and then we will go to work rubbing her and her baby in the faces of those that need it. No… I am not using her. I am working for her… because the way I saw it, I really had no other option. To all those out there who have contributed to this whole senseless slaughter, we will be coming for you. We have lots of time, and we will put it to good use… JWD.” ]

Update:  My name was Kristina

Why Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Obama? Why?

Why Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Obama? Why?

Kiev Must Pay Dearly for This – All of it

International reply to Ukraine total failure

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     … with  Press TV,  Tehran

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today, from Atlanta, to discuss the situation in Ukraine. You can wath the 3 minute video interview on Press TV here.

This is not an active video window. Please click the link above.

This is not an active video window. Please click the link above.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Certainly this humanitarian crisis which is now starting to take shape ever since this crisis in Ukraine begun will need an international response at some point. Why not just try to get the parties to sit down and come to a resolution of some sort?

Dean: Actually, the international response has been a total failure, and it appears to me that it has been very organized because these attacks on the civilians to get them to run have been perpetrated primarily to try to create its mass punishment again, which makes us think the Israelis are involved in this because this is their big tool, and they want to undermine their support for the regimes that are running in east Ukraine.

There are a lot of these people that live on the edge because they don’t have a lot of money. And when they leave, they leave with what they can carry, and a lot of them are losing everything they own.

Second, you have the aspect that the general shelling that the Ukraine army is doing plus some of the oligarch brigades, which are nothing more than terror brigades, they’re nothing more than a terror weapon to get people to flee.

The Western response to this has been absolutely horrible. The media has done nothing. So, they in effect have approved and given their okay to have terror used as a weapon against east Ukrainian people for them to achieve some geo-political goal that they have.

Lastly, Lavrov said that the redline for the Russians are that if Russian citizens are killed in substantial numbers, mentioning South Ossetia, which told us that general shelling like they told us in South Ossetia – and you have large numbers of these Russian-refugee-speaking people, they’re also Russian citizens. They have dual passports.

We think this was done to bait Russia into coming in so that there could be a big NATO response. These east Ukrainian people have really gotten the short end of the stick.

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