How To Succeed In Egypt Without Really Trying

by Keith Johnson

Late last month, Egyptian police raided the offices of 17 so-called “pro-democracy and human rights groups.” Among them were the U.S.-based International Republican Institute (IRI), Freedom House (FH) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). All of these organizations are heavily funded by the U.S. State Department and are used to keep political opposition groups in line with western foreign policy ambitions.

In reaction, the U.S. State Department called the raids “inconsistent with the bilateral cooperation we have had over many years” and urged Egyptian authorities to immediately halt “harassment” of non-governmental organization staff. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland even went so far as to say that military aid could be difficult to push through Congress if the situation didn’t improve.

Wow! I guess the U.S. doesn’t have as much control over the Egyptian government as we originally thought, right?…WRONG! That’s what they want you to think. This is just more smoke and mirrors. These raids would not have happened without first getting the green light—or direct orders—from the U.S.

All of these NGO’s have out served their purpose in Egypt and needed a viable exit strategy—and they got one. The U.S. has the Egyptians right where they want them and cannot afford to have loose cannons—that they trained—change directions against a long planned objective. You can be sure that there isn’t a white face among any of those arrested. These were expendable Egyptian “flower children” whose services were no longer needed.

Notice that the raids came just before the elections?  This is a strong indication that there truly is a confluence of interests between the Brotherhood and the ruling military generals. They didn’t want interference from secular activists (drunk on DEMOCRACY!!) who might get the bright idea of stirring up trouble or monitoring election results—which is precisely the kind of activity promoted by the NDI, FH and IRI.

The activists have been growing increasingly suspicious of a Brotherhood/military alliance in recent days. Here’s what one of them told an AP reporter recently:

“The military wants a safe return to its past life away from the limelight and with its privileges and prestige, and the Islamists want power. The two have a deal that’s at everyone else’s expense.”

That pretty much sums it up. We tried to warn you…but you just wouldn’t listen. Your precious NGO’s done sold ya down da river. Now it’s now time for the Muslim Brotherhood to take the reigns. You thought Mubarak was bad? Get ready for some pain freedom fighters!

Today we get this story from Haaretz:

“The Muslim Brotherhood gave the United States assurances regarding the maintaining of Egypt’s peace deal with Israel, a top U.S. official said on Thursday, despite recent comments by party leaders claiming that the 1979 treaty did not bind Cairo’s new regime.”

The comments they refer to are from the Brotherhood’s head deputy, Dr Rashad Bayoumi, who said “We will not recognize Israel under any circumstances; we are talking about an occupation entity and a criminal enemy.”

Holy smoke! You don’t hear this kind of talk from Syria’s Assad, yet he’s the one getting his butt kicked!

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland (there she is again) dismissed Bayoumi’s comments and said, “I would say that it is one member of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have had other assurances from the party with regard to their commitment not only to universal human rights, but to the international obligations that the Government of Egypt has undertaken.”

Nuland’s defense of the Brotherhood is a godsend to the Zionists and certain to get a lot of play in the Israeli and pseudo-conservative press. I can just here it now: “Obama has thrown Israel under the bus—again!”…and…“The U.S. has turned its back on Israel—again!”

They’ll drone on and on about how U.S. policy towards Egypt is putting Israel’s security at risk and how Obama’s advisors are missing the warning signs that will ultimately lead to a confrontation. But that’s precisely the plan. In reality, Israel needs the Muslim Brotherhood and the violent rhetoric from some of its members. Israel has designs on reoccupying the Sinai. They can’t justify it so long as there is a peace treaty in place. They need a provocation…and believe me…they’ll get one as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood gets the O.K. from the C.I.A.

The cozy relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the West goes back decades. In his book “Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude,” Former CIA officer Robert Baer details how this relationship developed during the Cold War:

“The White House looked on the Brothers as a silent ally against (what else) communism. This covert action started in the 1950’s with the Dulles Brothers—Allen at the CIA and John Foster at the State Department—when they approved Saudi Arabia’s funding of Egypt’s Brothers against Nasser.”

“The logic of the Cold War led to one conclusion: “If Allah agreed to fight on our side, fine. If Allah decided political assassination was permissible, that was fine too, so long as no one talked about it in polite company.”

”Like any other truly covert action, this one was strictly off the books. There was no CIA finding, no memorandum of notification to Congress. Not a penny came out of the Treasury to fund it. In other words, no record. All the White House had to do was give a wink and a nod to countries harboring the Muslim Brothers.”

“As Tom Twetten said, the enemy of my enemy is always my friend. It’s an ironclad rule in the Middle East.”

This relationship still exists today and is alive and well in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc. The Brotherhood is the perfect face that the West wants to put on Islam. They’re violent, loud and crazy—and though they claim to be Muslim—all of their leaders have served an apprenticeship with the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

And in case you didn’t know, Wahhabism is a perversion of Islam that is despised by Sunni and Shia alike. It was hatched in the 18th century by a Donmeh Jew by the name of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (whose grandfather was Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq). Wahhabism has far more in common with the Jewish Talmud than it does to the Koran. Call it Judeo-Islam if you will, much in the same way we refer to Christian Zionism as Judeo-Christianity.

Putting the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt and calling that country Islamic would be the equivalent of putting the notorious MS 13 Mexican street gang in charge of the U.S. and calling it Catholic.

It’s a nightmare in the making, but a dream come true for the U.S. and Israel. They took down Egypt with out really trying. No boots on the ground…no wasted ammo. They’ve done it before. Like Robert Baer says in the aforementioned book concerning the U.S. funding of the Brotherhood to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan:

“Washington has always prided itself with fighting wars on the cheap. If success was a high Soviet body count per dollar, then the Muslim Brothers were a fabulous bargain.”

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