“Holocaust” art


By: John Friend’s


The fake Jewish “Holocaust” story is one of the strongest aspects of Jewish identity. No matter the political or ideological convictions of a Jew, whether they be Zionist, Communist, Capitalist, or anything in between, the vast majority of them identify with the deceitfully manufactured “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, and are constantly coming up with various ways to commemorate, profit from, and exploit it. A transgendered Jew named Gil Yefman has even created a number of absolutely horrific “art exhibits” designed to commemorate “Holocaust rape” (whatever that is).How sick are these Jews and their “Holocaust” art? From Jewniverse:

Israeli artist Gil Yefman doesn’t hesitate to shock.

His most recent show, “Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn (To Me You Are Beautiful),” focused on the Holocaust, and on the juxtaposition of everyday objects and beautiful scenery with the horrors of violence—particularly sexual violence. A crocheted “Sex Slave Doll,” whose gaze rests on a monitor playing scenes of the serene lake at the Ravensbrück concentration campinvites visitors to interact, and therefore participate, in her oppression and exploitation. Another work, “Time Table,” presents prominent Nazi women in a lurid pin-up-style calendar, including Eva Braun with tattoos of logos of companies that profited during the Holocaust.

Rather than depicting death directly, Yefman uses domestic materials like wool yarn to look at “the hardship of everyday life.” He has worked with the Remember the Women Institute, dedicated to investigating sexual violence against women during the Holocaust.

Yefman’s largest sculpture, Tumtum,” literally knits together various representations of human genitalia, divorced from the rest of the body. (“Tumtum” is a rabbinic term for people of indeterminate sex.) As visitors confront it, and the other works in the show, they recognize the familiar alongside with the grotesque—a disturbing, thought-provoking combination.

I won’t post any of the repulsive photos of this sick, perverted, Jew’s supposed “art work”, but if you click on some of the links above, you can see for yourself how deranged and truly evil this stuff is.

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