By: Tony Greenstein
I have twice asked for Gardener’s comments about whether the heckling and abuse of a survivor of Auschwitz, Hajo Meyer, which included giving a Sieg Heil chant and Hitler salute, was anti-semitic. Surprise, surprise, Gardener has completely ignored this question because it involves the same culprits as above, i.e. Jonathan Hoffman and his friends from the Zionist Federation! Of course if this had happened with a holocaust survivor who was a Zionist such as Elie Wiesel, then of course there would have been a hue and cry and you would have been able to spot Mark Gardener for the newspaper headlines.
The reality behind all of this is that Gardener himself is a right-wing Zionist. So when one David Herman, failed film producer and ex-Union of Jewish Students officer, advocated that Jewish anti-Zionists, in particular myself and Roland Rance, should be necklaced, i.e. burnt alive,
‘They should remember that in the Nazi ghettos of Europe and the townships of South Africa the first people that the resistance targeted were collaborators.In less forgiving times they would be recei ving a necklace for hanukah!’
Gardener responded thus:
‘… I’m in David Herman’s (considerable) shadow on this one. We know where Rance and Greenstein stand, we know their previous, and its exactly why pro-Hizbollah websites carry their propaganda. Duh.’
Tony Greenstein
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