Hebron: Nazi Soldiers Kill Three Palestinians

Nazi forces killed three Palestinians, including two children, on Friday evening, after an alleged shooting attack in the illegal “Adora” settlement west of Hebron in the southern Nazi occupied West Bank.

On Friday evening three Palestinian youths infiltrated the illegal Zionist “Adora” settlement, near the town of Idhna, west of Hebron.

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According to Zionist media sources, the three were allegedly involved in a shooting attack after an illegal Israeli colonizer was shot in the leg and moderately injured.

Sirens sounded in the settlement, the entrances to the nearby towns of Idhna and Tarqumiyah were closed, while many Nazi soldiers were deployed in the area, and flares were fired into the sky.

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Hebrew media added that the youths exchanged fire with the occupation army after the alleged shooting attack.

Later it was announced that occupation soldiers shot and killed two Palestinian children and one young man, identified as Ismail Ahmed Youssef Abu Jahisha, 19, Mahmoud Arafat Youssef Abu Jahisha, 16, and Uday Isma’in Yousef Abu Jahisha, 16.

Media reports did not mention if the army confiscated the bodies or if they released them to the Palestinian authorities.

Weapons allegedly found with the slain Palestinians

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