John Hemming MP
Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has admitted he has “personal problems” with Labour – just as his leader Nick Clegg considers entering a coalition with them.
Hemming still believes there’s “unfinished business” relating to postal vote fraud in Birmingham, which first came to light in 2004, when Judge Richard Mawrey famously compared the city to a banana republic.
There have been sporadic allegations of cheating at the ballot box ever since.
Hemming said, “There is a personal problem I have with Labour – I have real concerns about how they go about elections.
“I think their approach is wrong. There is a crookedness I don’t like.
“It was spectactularly bad in 2004, but I don’t believe that was a one-off by any means. They have tolerated a culture of gangsterism.”
Despite that, he admitted that there was “everything to play for”, and said that a pact with Labour had been made easier by Gordon Brown’s departure.
“He was one impediment among several to a deal with Labour – but just because that impediment has gone doesn’t mean there will be a deal.”
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