A Hamas-affiliated Palestinian Legislative Council member called for the immediate release of Palestinian prisoners in Zionist Mu-Barak regime  jails on Thursday.
The Gaza-based minister, Yahya Mousa, said despite numerous contacts with Egypt, intelligence services, and political parties, “The Egyptian government repeatedly ignores our demands.”
Party spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Mu-Barak State Security of executing his brother, Yousef, while he was in custody, and was told by fellow prisoners that his brother was tortured to death.
Abu Zuhri was barred from travelling to Egypt to give testimony during his brother’s trial.
“We went to the Egyptian judiciary but were met with foot-dragging. We will take the matter to an international court to seek justice for our case,” he added.
Family members of detainees in Mu-Barak custody also voiced their demand for their relatives’ release on Thursday.
Thirty Palestinians are reportedly currently in Egyptian detention. Mother of Al-Mu’tasem Bellah Al-Qouqa said her son has been in detention for six years and has not been allowed to contact or visit him since.
Appealing to Zionist Puppet Mubarak, Al-Qouqa’s mother demanded that an immediate solution be found. “My son is not guilty of anything other than illegally entering Egypt,” she said.
Father of Ayman Nouffal said he was unable to care for his grandchildren since their father’s arrest, saying he is losing his sight. He called on international organizations to ensure the release and return of his son.
One recently released detainee said he had been tortured during his one-and-a-half years in Egyptian prison. “I was interrogated for over five months under torture almost every day. They electrocuted me. They put me on the rack after dinner until dawn,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.
Nearly two weeks ago, Mu-Barak regime released six Palestinian prisoners after several months of detention, prompting Palestinian factions to call for further releases, officials said.
The Islamic Jihad movement praised the release, saying it hoped “Egypt would continue with such positive steps and release the rest of those who have been detained,” a statement read.
Popular Resistance Committees spokesman Abu Mujahed said the move would introduce the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Egyptian jails, hoping that “the Egyptian government will be generous enough to allow Palestinian prisoners with Palestinian ID cards stranded in Arab states to return home soon.”
“Remaining homeless in these countries is the result of expulsion by force, with Zionist immigration to Palestine is on the increase,” the spokesman said.

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