Haaretz: The Shin Bet uses special methods of torture for prisoners with the participation of doctors

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Hebrew subtitles: revealedHebrew daily Haaretz on Thursday thatgeneral securityoccupation apparatus GSS uses methods for torture even in situations not consideredemergency situation, notingparticipationphysicians in torture.

The newspaper said in an article published that the torture of women from Hamas in Hebron on social activities of civilization demonstrates the policy of Israeli control over the Palestinians, noting that in the last five years, 102 complaints have been filed with the Ministry of Justice, which showed that 31% of the detainees had testified to the use of physical violence against them, 61% complained about the threats, 40% witnessed the use of fastening and painful bonding (Kalbachat) for long periods, and 66% testified that sleep prevention was used against them .

“When torture is done against Israelis (the world does not sit down),” she said, “torture against the Palestinians (no fault),” she said. “Most Palestinian detainees do not complain against torture because they are convinced that it is by higher orders, not bypassing instructions.”

According to the newspaper, four Palestinian women who were arrested in 2018 decided to file a complaint with the public committee against torture in the Occupying Power: Luma Khater, Suzan Al-Awawi, Donia Al-Karmi, and Safaa Abu Sneineh .

She added that the complaints of the four women reveal that the Shin Bet does not hesitate to use harsh methods of torture for several weeks and with the consent of doctors who only gave painkillers, even in cases of accusations of civil, social and religious activity within the framework of Hamas .

Haaretz continued: “The method of interrogation of Hamas women in Hebron shows that what prompted interrogators to torture is not to extract information, but brutality and humiliation are part of the policy of Israeli control over the Palestinians,” saying that the goal of torture is to suppress and dismantle all resistance and this did not work in The past will not work in the future, but will increase the hatred and disgust of the Palestinians, and it will fuel the continuation of the cycle of blood and violence . According to the newspaper

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