George Galloway (left)

George Galloway works for MI6?

George Galloway has just been elected as Member of Parliament for Bradford West, in the UK.

Bradford West has a lot of Moslems.

Galloway, who was brought up as a Catholic, would like people to think that he is a friend of Moslems.

However, Galloway supports the CIA’s Arab Spring.

Galoway strongly supported the ousting of Mubarak, an act which has greatly weakened Egypt.

Galloway is currently helping Mossad, by attacking Assad of Syria.

“To describe the mass uprising in Syria… as the actions of ‘terrorists’ and ‘gunmen’ is a gross distortion. 

“This is a genuine popular uprising taking place in Syria,”said George Galloway.

(Thirty Pieces of Silver: George Galloway Sells Out on Syria)

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George Galloway says that the idea of 9 11 being an inside-job is “crazed conspiracy theory madness.”

(kenny’s sideshow: George Galloway – 9/11 Truth is “crazed …)

“The list of ‘media personalities’ who profess to speak for the truth now ‘outed’ for failing to pass the bottom line litmus test of 9/11 truth grows.

“Already … we’ve had Julian Assange and Jeremy Scahill.

Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman are a couple of ‘old timers’ in this game.

“Add to that list George Galloway.

“Galloway makes the ‘watch list.’

“Be sure to read what Kev Boyle has to say about this in his George Galloway Not An Honest Man.”

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