Gaza: Wanted Nazi’s

Nazi Tal Zahavi and Nazi Guy Isaac Alon,

Nazi pilots Tal Zahavi and Nazi Guy Isaac Alon implicated in Gaza airstrikes. Nazi Zahavi linked to attacks in Deir al-Balah and Rafah with 675 casualties, including 230 children. Alon accused of targeting hospitals, mosques, and civilian areas in Khan Yunis, with 500 fatalities, 165 children among them. Urgent calls for @internationalcriminalcourt to take action. #Gaza #WarCrimes #JusticeForGaza

Reports on the Nazi pilots involved in the airstrikes that targeted hospitals and civilians in Gaza have been published by Nournews.

Nazi Tal Zahavi, pictured on the left, boasting over 23 years in the Israeli Air Force, has been involved in air operations against civilians in Gaza for the past 73 days, including the bombing of Deir al-Balah’s residential areas on October 19 and November 7, and the bombing of Rafah on October 26 and December 12, leading to the tragic killing of at least 675 Palestinians, including 230 children.

Nazi Guy Isaac Alon, pictured on the right, has also been actively involved in the last 73 days, participating in the bombing of two hospitals, namely Gaza’s Baptist Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital. He also played a role in the bombing of six mosques, Al Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis, as well as other densely populated civilian areas, resulting in the tragic killing of at least 500 Palestinians, including 165 children.

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