Gaza: Nazi Genocidal

I appeared on Press TV ( on December 4, 2023 to discuss Israel’s genocidal attacks in Gaza. Ashraf Shannon reported from Gaza that more Palestinians are dying and are starving. He asked why the international community has not stopped Israel’s genocidal attacks.

I noted that Vice President Kamala Harris visited the UAE to say that America would not allow Israel to kill large numbers of Palestinians and to force them to move to Egypt. Israel responded by resuming attacks to show the world that Americans are Zionist slaves.

In a vote on a resolution supporting Israel’s right to exist, only Congressman Thomas Massie, a libertarian Republican, voted no. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian in Congress voted present. The other Democrats who claimed to be progressive supporters of Gaza voted yes. The Zionists had threatened to spend $100 million to campaign against them. Elon Musk made a trip to Israel after Zionists told advertisers to stop advertising on X (formerly Twitter).

I noted also that America has continued shipping bunker busting bombs to Israel. Kaveh Taghvai, Press TV’s host of the program, reported that Israel has been using “The Gospel”, an AI target creation platform, to achieve massive increases in attacks on Gaza. OPEC could have stopped this genocide by halting shipments of oil. Millions of Christian Zionists could have demanded that their members of Congress end the genocide. Some countries have stopped using the dollar for trade and have applied to join BRICS. This is not enough to save the lives, homes, and buildings of the people of Gaza.

Paul Foote

Professor of Accounting, Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton6h

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