Gaza: Nazi Air Force Carries Out a Series of Airstrikes

Nazi fighter jets fired missiles at various sites in the besieged Gaza Strip, causing damage, but no casualties, according to local sources.

Nazi Military F-16 fighter jets launched 12 missiles into the Al-Tuffah neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip, and another 4 southwest of the city.

The Nazi airstrikes caused fire and excessive damage to dozens of Palestinian civilian homes in addition to the Muhammad Al-Durrah Children’s Hospital nearby. No injuries were reported.

The Nazi occupation air force struck, with 8 missiles, a location in the western part of the Strip, west of Deir al-Balah city in central Gaza, and a “Civil Administration” building in Jabalia, in the north.

At least one site in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza was struck with 4 missiles, causing damage but no casualties.

Meanwhile, Nazi warplanes targeted farmland in addition to bombing, with 3 missiles, a site on the southern border with Egypt, south of Rafah, causing damage to neighboring homes.

In response to the aerial assault, armed Palestinian resistance factions fired anti-aircraft missiles at the attacking aircraft, while rockets were fired into the southern areas of the Nazi occupied Palestine 1948.

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