Gaza Holocaust Sparks Anti-Semitism

Gaza Genocide Sparks Anti-Semitism

Is that necessarily a bad thing?


The people in charge of Western media seem to think that the worst thing about the genocide of Gaza is that it is sparking a global wave of anti-Semitism. Jewish college students are being made uncomfortable by the demonstrations! People on social media are saying unpleasant things about Israel! There are even a few crazy people out there (the global majority, in fact) who support Hamas!

Another Palestinian child dying every ten minutes, slowly and agonizingly beneath the rubble of what used to be her home, hardly matters to them. The real problem with wholesale Jewish child-murder is that it makes people hate the genocidal “Jewish state” and by extension Jews in general. And that, of course, is double-plus-ungood.

Or is it?

We can agree that irrational or excessive negative feelings towards Jews, or any other group, are unfortunate. Consider the widespread hatred of Russians promoted by Western media in service to the American war on Russia through Ukraine. The Western powers-that-be hate Russia so much that they canceled the Special Olympics. The Guardian, a supposedly left-liberal UK outlet, shamelessly repurposed Nazi propaganda to incite Russophobia.

Change that cartoon image from Putin with a Red Army Star to Netanyahu with a Star of David and watch The Guardian and the rest of the Western mainstream media start screaming about anti-Semitism.

Defenders of the Guardian cartoon might say, “But it’s true! Putin is like a malevolent inhuman creature shedding copious blood with the whole world in his grip!” To which the reality-based community might reply, “actually that’s not true of Putin and Russia, but it is true of global Jewish power and its crime headquarters in Occupied Palestine.”

Truth is an absolute defense against charges of libel. And an important aspect of the discovery and upholding of truth is emotional honesty. If a whole lot of Jews are behaving hatefully as Jews, it is unhealthy not to hate them—and specifically not to despise the quintessentially Jewish component of their hateful, genocidal behavior. If you see the behavior, but don’t allow yourself to acknowledge and hate it, much less speak out against it, for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic, you have been fully gaslit. Whereas if you go to extreme lengths to avoid noticing the specifically Jewish aspects of said hateful behavior, instead focusing relentlessly on Zionism, settler colonialism, US imperialism, and so on, you’re only half-gaslit, because those things are real…but so is the Jewish aspect that you ignore, deny, and repress.

Emotional honesty, in the sense of having your emotions reflect actual reality, is a pillar of mental health and effective action in the world. If you have a psychopathic neighbor or family member who is abusing people, noticing it but making excuses for him (“he was himself abused as a child”) is bad enough. But fully buying into the “pity play” of his bullshit victimization narrative is even worse. As Dr. Martha Stout, a leading expert on psychopaths, explains:

“When deciding whom to trust, bear in mind that the combination of consistently bad or egregiously inadequate behavior with frequent plays for your pity is as close to a warning mark on a conscienceless person’s forehead as you will ever be given.”

Social media is currently inundated with billions of dollars worth of nauseating Jewish-Zionist propaganda, including this actual ad for $urvivor$’ Reparation$. People who exaggerate and profit from tales of their own victimization, while wantonly victimizing others, are known as psychopaths. Can a whole nation or tribe be a psychopath? That’s the question Laurent Guyénot addresses in “Israel the Psychopathic Nation.”

Social media is currently inundated with billions of dollars worth of nauseating Jewish-Zionist propaganda, including this actual ad for $urvivor$’ Reparation$. People who exaggerate and profit from tales of their own victimization, while wantonly victimizing others, are known as psychopaths. Can a whole nation or tribe be a psychopath? That’s the question Laurent Guyénot addresses in “Israel the Psychopathic Nation.”

On October 7, the Palestinian resistance broke out of the Gaza concentration camp, attacked numerous Israeli military posts, and took hostages. Israel responded by invoking the Hannibal Directive and using helicopter gunships, tanks, rockets, and heavy artillery to massacre hundreds of its own people as well as the Palestinian fighters who were guarding them (and treating them well). Ever since that mass murder, the murderers have been crying about how they were victimized, and flaunting photographs of the corpses they themselves created as “proof” of Palestinian barbarity.

I include the Jewish-dominated media in the category of murderers weeping crocodile tears about being victims. The Jews who dominate Western media are the primary enablers of the genocide of Palestine. Their lies about October 7, and so many other things, are crimes against humanity.

I recognize that most Westerners, even high-information ones, buy into the false narrative that Israel’s genocidal bullying and pathological lying are unrepresentative of Jewish behavior throughout most of history, and that until the creation of Israel Jews were always and everywhere victims. That’s a nice myth, especially if you’re Jewish. But it obviously isn’t true. If someone who has a long history of terrible conflicts with their neighbors insists that it was always the neighbors’ fault, and that you should pity him for always and everywhere being victimized by everybody, you can be reasonably certain that you’re dealing with a psychopath…and not an especially subtle one.

For balanced accounts of Jewish history, as opposed to the ubiquitous psychopaths’ tales of their endless victimization by everybody on Earth, I recommend the following sources:

Laurent Guyénot, From Yahweh to Zion.

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion.

Kevin MacDonald, A People that Shall Dwell Alone.

Ron Unz on Jews, Nazis, and Israel including his latest “Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and Racialism.”

The Right Kind, and Amount, of Anti-Semitism

Taking the misleading term anti-Semitism to mean “a negative predisposition towards Jews,” I am not arguing for the universal adoption of blanket negativity, but for a rebalancing act in which the problematic aspects of Jewish culture in general, and Jewish tribal power in particular, are acknowledged, and a commitment to shrink Jewish power back within tolerable limits embraced. I certainly don’t advocate that anyone hold negative preconceptions about individual Jews just because they happen to be Jewish. Just as the people of even the most anti-American countries like Iran can march by the millions shouting “death to America” while explaining to Americans at the march “we don’t mean you, it’s your government we don’t like,” we can shout “death to Jewish power” while being as friendly and hospitable toward individual Jewish people as hardcore Axis-of-Resistance Iranians are to individual Americans.

And that isn’t my wacky idea, it’s the reality of almost all supposed “anti-Semitism.” The idea that those labeled “anti-Semites” by the ADL are mean, hateful people is a fabricated propaganda concoction. I have been interviewing dozens of such “anti-Semites” on my radio show, alongside dozens of Jews (the categories sometimes overlap) for over 15 years and I can’t think of a single “anti-Semite” that your average open-minded Jew wouldn’t like as a person, and vice-versa. The most extreme anti-Jewish person I’ve ever interviewed, Alfred Schaefer, is apparently a kind, charming, hospitable host and a delight to Jewish visitors, or so I have been told. And this is a guy who is spending years in prison because his understanding of history contradicts the psychopathic Jewish-Power Pity-Play narrative.

By acknowledging the downsides of Jewish culture and rolling back the damage it has inflicted on the world, we’ll actually be preventing the wrong kind of anti-Semitism—blind, murderous rage at every Jew on Earth—from getting out of hand. The current situation is like a pressure cooker on a stove whose burner is turned up to infinity. Billions of people around the world are being repeatedly subjected to involuntary spasms of homicidal fury as they watch innocents being horrifically maimed, mutilated, and murdered by the psychopathic Jewish State squatting in Occupied Palestine. Worse, the Jewish-dominated media is gaslighting them, telling them that it’s all the fault of Hamas, and that anybody who doesn’t like Israel’s hecatomb of innocents is an anti-Semite. The repressed anger, like the pressure cooker, could eventually explode.

Students of Islam know that there is a reported saying of the Prophet (saas) that there will come a time when even the rocks and trees will cry out “there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!” Obviously we’re in no hurry to see things reach that point, though the genocidal butchers of Gaza apparently are. In an effort to postpone the End Times as long as possible, and solve or ameliorate problems rather than worsen them, we need to rebalance Western civilization’s dominant philosemitic narrative with a bracing but measured dose of reality-based anti-Semitism.

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