Gaza: End the bloodshed first

Gaza ceasefire now
Fernando Guevara writes:

Stop the bloodshed immediately. Whatever should and could be a lasting agreement for peace has to happen after the bloodshed is staunched.

Once there is a ceasefire we can discuss what options there are for a lasting peace in Palestine. For those who think it is unrealistic to dismantle Israel as a ”Jewish state”, because ”the Israelis will never agree”, there are these questions: What about the world population of seven billion? Does anyone care what they agree with? And how would a two-state option offer a solution? One democratic Palestinian state (for all citizens, regardless of creed) and one state just for Jews? In other words, one state named Palestine beside a (smaller than present-day Israel) racist theocracy, for Jews only? By what moral or legal standard should anyone accept that? If one wishes to kill someone or take their land, either because they are Jewish (Nazism) or because they are not Jewish (Israel/Zionism), the ideology itself is the same. Neither ideology will be accepted in the long run.

What is Zionism? In this context, it is important to note that the ideology of Zionism is much different from the religion of Judaism; that the two are incompatible; you cannot be a Zionist and a Jew at the same time. It is much different to believe that you are special because you have a special religious mission, and to believe that you are special because you have a right to steal somebody else’s house. Zionists claim they have a right to occupy Palestine and that Jews are destined to ”reclaim” it. Therefore, Zionists call themselves Jews (disregarding the fact that the descendants of most Jews who lived in Palestine thousands of years back have converted to Christianity or Islam, but that is beside the point here). Zionists claim that all Jews in the world have a better right to all Palestinian land than does any non-Jewish Palestinian whose ancestors have lived there for the past couple of thousand years. It is like saying that everyone in the world who identifies as Catholic has a right to live in Rome, and is justified in taking someone else’s home to make it so. By conflating Zionism with Judaism, Zionism is using Jews as a human shield. According to Zionism, even someone born and raised in Vancouver, who converts to Judaism in 2023, would have a better right to the home of any now fleeing Gazan Palestinian than does the fleeing refugee.

Those are the reasons that Zionism and the product of it, Israel, may not be discussed in public, in the countries that have allowed the current situation to happen. That is why they need International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)-type terror networks to push silencing techniques that they are trying to make into national law in your country. They know that Zionism would die of exposure to light. So: criminalise dissent and lock up the dissenters. Voilà!

What we allow will continue, so let’s take to the streets and let our respective governments know we have had enough of this oppression – and that we demand ceasefire now. They will eventually have to pay attention to the seven plus billion people who are waking/rising up. 

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