Four famous Jewish women have one message Naziyahu

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By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Four famous Jewish women have one message to PM Netanyahu who vilified Palestinians in his campaign: Don’t stigmatize and demonize the Arab minority population.
The women are:
1-  Carole Nuriel, director of the ADL’s Israel office.
2-  Rotom Sela, TV host, model, and actress.
3-  Gal Gadot, an actress and “Wonder Woman” star.
4- Natalie Portman, film actress, producer, writer, and director.
All four women slammed PM Netanyahu and told him one way or the other that stereotyping and stigmatizing Israeli Arabs during his election campaign is unacceptable and immoral. The Arab population is a term Israelis prefer to use when talking about the Palestinians living inside the pre-1948 borders and who makes up 21 percent of the Israeli population.
Netanyahu responded by saying, “There is no problem with Israel’s Arab citizens. They have equal rights.” Never mind that there are 50 laws in Israel that discriminate against Palestinians. Using social media, the women also lectured Netanyahu about who ‘Israel belongs to.’
Those brave women represent the conscience of the silent Israeli Jewish majority. They do give others hope that a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israeli is in the only way to go. In addition, who can forget Natalie Portman last year who refused to accept the “Jewish Nobel” Price? The American superstar with dual Israeli and American citizenship did not feel comfortable being in the same room with Netanyahu after the Israeli army snipers killed and injured thousands of peaceful Palestinian protesters. By having the courage to hold Netanyahu accountable, those brave women showed the Crime Minister’s hands being stained with blood, his lips have spoken falsely, and his tongue muttered wicked things.

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