For the sake of maximum .. Prisoners Asafra tell the details of the killing of a settler near Bethlehem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


The newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” killing settler “Dvir Surik” details near settlement “Migdal Oz” south Bethlehem during the month August, and the occupation arrested Captured Nasir and Qasim Asafrah of Hebron for murdering Nazi Jewish settler.

According to Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot” , the prisoner Qassem was driving the car at the moment of the operation, and said during his interrogation with the Shin Bet that the news at Al-Aqsa Mosque had been with him for several months, where the occupation prevents the Palestinians from praying at Al-Aqsa while allowing Nazi Jewish settlers to storm it, as well as the continued settlement in the West Bank, therefore, Qassem wishes To quote for these issues .

Nassir, who stabbed the settler with several knife stabs that led to his death, said that he carried out sports exercises in the run-up to the operation to strengthen his body.

While Qassem bought an electric stun and hid him in his house, he met the prisoner Naseer ten days before the operation and informed him of his decision to carry out a commando operation and that he would use the electric stun during which the prisoner replied that he had also bought a knife and he could participate in the operation.The prisoners agreed to carry out the operation together .

During the interrogation, Naseer Asafra confirmed that the situation in the West Bank and Al-Aqsa Mosque also prompted him to carry out the operation with his cousin Qassem, while the prisoner said during his interrogation that he offered to kidnap his cousin and keep him in the West Bank. In the car, he planned to move him and hide him in a mountain in the bank.

 Qassem added that they waited by the road for about 25 minutes to see a settler walking alone towards the settlement.

 He said that he approached the Nazi Jewish settler by car, and that the prisoner Naseer went down and tried to electrocute the settler to kidnap him .

According to the Shin Bet’s interrogation of the prisoner Qassem, he and his cousin withdrew immediately after the operation and returned to their homes .

Qassem also said that he informed his wife of the execution of the operation along with Naseer and killed the settler. Of the place.

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