Again .. Occupation demolishes the home of the family "Qaher Aldvdovan" camp Amari

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A great force breaks into the Amari

Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Israeli occupation forces demolished the house of Al-Hajja Latifa Abu Hameed “Umm Nasser” in Al-Amari refugee camp in Al-Bireh.

In the details, our correspondent confirmed that the Nazi army forces stormed the camp south of Ramallah and Al-Bireh.The soldiers entered the roofs of a number of buildings and houses after they stormed, and less than a quarter of an hour after the occupation paid huge additional reinforcements to the area, including dozens of military jeeps accompanied by bulldozers.

In the same context, clashes erupted in more than one area inside and around the camp to coincide with the demolition of the house, during which Nazi soldiers fired sound and gas bombs heavily.

The occupation imposed a tight military cordon on the perimeter of neighborhoods near the house of the family of Abu Hamid, and prevent journalists from covering the crime of demolition closely.

On the other hand, local sources reported that the occupation arrested the young Hossam Khader al-Wawi during the raid.

It is noteworthy that the occupation demolished the family home last year under the pretext of the implementation of the son of Islam, the killing of a soldier of the elite enemy “Defdovan”, and re-demolished again today under the pretext of “preventing the reconstruction of destroyed houses.”

The prisoner Islam Abu Hamid revenge for his brothers martyr and prisoners to kill the enemy soldier, “Ronin Lubarxe” by throwing a large piece of marble on him on the fifth of May last year.

It is noteworthy that the unit “Dodfan” Israeli assassinated the brother of the prisoner Islam – martyr Abdel Moneim “in 1994.

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