Exclusive Interview: JNF demolishes village for the 9th Time


By Jesse Bacon

Bulldozes from the Jewish National Fund demolished the Bedouin village for

Al-Arakib for  the  ninth  time yesterday and today. They also demolished the

village’s olive groves the  week of Tu  Bshvat,  which  celebrates the flowering

of trees so they can grow a forest named after a Fundamentalist Christian TV

channel and foreign ambassadors. The visitors were held in the village’s grav-

eyard while the demolition took place, with much more force than usual.

The Only  Democracy?  spoke  with  Roii Ball, an Israeli activist with the joint

groupTarabut-Hithabrut: Arab–Jewish Movement for Social & Political Change,

who has visited Al-Arakib several times.

Interview Part 1.


Interview Part 2.


Interview Part 3

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