ERALDO: Charlie Sheen Will Never Work In Television Again Because of his ''anti-semitism''



Charlie Sheen

After Charlie Sheen’s latest crazy outburst, and CBS canceling the rest of the season of his television show, Hollywood is buzzing about what this will mean for his career going forward.

According to Geraldo Rivera, Sheen’s career might just be over after some of the things he said were taken as anti-Semitic. 

First, Rivera said, money is not really a consideration here because, according to Rivera, they could cancel the show now and not lose a penny since ”it is estimated the 177 episodes already in the can represent a billion dollar asset for the Warner Brothers studio.”

“They paid $4 million for each original episode delivered. So, presumably, in the short term here, the four episode that will not be done, CBS will be saving, in the short term this season, $16 million. Now, they can and they will run repeats of Two and a Half Men in the same time slot. it is a phenomenon the program is so successful that the repeats do a rating that is comparable in every regard to the original.”

Translation: Sheen might have less leverage than he obviously thinks he does, since the studio does not need to continue to pay him a salary to make money off of his work. 

But, more importantly, Sheen made an “obvious anti-Semitic reference” and that, more than abusing drugs or beating women, is the worst thing you can do in Hollywood according to Rivera. 

“Here comes the outrage, I’m sure, in what I want to say. But I’m going spell it out because I think it’s very important for people to hear. It’s fascinating to me that over the last decade plus, this man is a serial woman abuser. He has shot them, he has beaten them. He has abused women in every regard in a violent way, injuring some of them and still he has been free to work his trade on the networks. Everything is forgiven as long as he shows up for work, reasonably sober and he reads his lines. Now, he takes this next step. This step into anti-Semitism. You can be a woman beater in Los Angeles, you cannot be an anti-Semite.”

Rivera pointed to another recent A-list star who veered into anti-Semitic territory, and whose career never recovered.

“Remember what happened to Mel Gibson when he asked that cop on the Pacific Coast Highway if he was Jewish. That made Mel Gibson a pariah in the community and he has not yet, and probably will never, recover. This to my view is far worse. You can hang out with the hookers, you can beat them up, you can do anything you want but you start this anti-Semitic stuff… I think it will be years before he gets work and he is not going anywhere near mainstream television again, ever.”


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