Dr.Javed Jamil-Powerful Statement On Iran!


by crescentandcross 


“I can say with certainty that the Iranian democratic model is one thousand times better than any Western democratic model. If the Ayatollahs hold supremacy in Iran it is because they have a huge following in the religious minded people, and because they are truly God loving, muttaqi people.

If there are any exceptions, it is the people like Hashmi Rafsanjani and Khatami for whom the West had a “relative” liking because they were rich having soft corners for the West. They ignore the fact that Hasmi Rafsanjani, a cleric, lost the key battle to a person, Mahmud Ahmedinejad, who was not a cleric, had modern education and belonged to a very ordinary lower middle class family. The rise of Ahmadinejad to Presidency at a young age and then winning another term is a big tribute to Iranian democracy.

But ironically it was not the clerics Hashmi Rafsanjani and Khatami, two former presidents, who earned the rebuke from the Western world but the modern educated University lecturer, Dr Mahmud Ahmedinejad. It is only due to their hatred for Ahmedinejad that the Western leaders and media try to foment trouble by inciting Mussavi and Karoubi. They forget that Mousavi is a former Prime Minister of the country and at that time, he had not shown any pro-West inclinations. They also forget that Karoubi is a cleric. Further, in the last elections, the two together did not get more than one third of the votes.

Several Western Poll organizations had predicted on the basis of pre-poll surveys that Ahmedinejad will win more than two third of the votes; in fact he won a little less than the predictions. And I have read ludicrous comments in Western media that “Ahmedinejad does not enjoy the support of 36 percent of the Iranian people”. Isn’t this a ludicrous statement coming from the “champions” of democracy, as if the leaders of democracies require the support of 100 percent of the people? Bush and Obama won much lesser votes, and today much greater number of Americans disapprove Obama than those who approve him.  

“Ironically again, all American actions in the Middle East have led to an increase of Iranian influence. The first country Iraq president visited after the American invasion and change of regime was Iran, and today Iran has strong influence in Iraq. The same is true for Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine. The West’s oldest ally Turkey too is turning green and developing very strong ties with Iran. If the surveys are conducted in the Islamic world, Ahmedinejad and Erdegon will emerge as the most poular leaders.The same is going to be true for Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia. Despite every attempt being made in the international media to discredit the role of religion in the current uprisings, what is certain is that the role of Islam is going to become paramount in Egypt, Tunisia as well as Egypt. And still more certain is that despite huge efforts going on in the Western world to be on the right side of the protesters, the new regimes are going to be much much less sympathetic to the West than the ones they would replace.
“The Western world would do better for itself if it recognizes the emerging role of Islam as the next Ideological Superpower of the world and Iran as the pivot of the revolution.” 

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