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I have not been able to blog for the last few days due to this cloud of volcanic ash emanating from Iceland. This satanic raspberry has apparently inconvenienced quite a few people, and I am glad that our vigilant media – fresh from reporting on February’s snowpocalypse – are still very alert to any naturally occurring phenomenon that could hinder travel to and from work, or affect house prices in some way.
 (The truth is, I have been busy working on my new book, but you’re not supposed to know about that yet.) The main reason I wish to post today is to register my embarrassment and disgust over this. It’s bad enough that our main two parties are so crap that people actually find Nick Clegg plausible, and his party has now taken the lead – although it is moderately encouraging to note that many of these new Lib Dems are defecting Tories.
But this is just to nauseating for words. It’s not even a personality cult. It’s a dilute derivative of a personality cult. It is a pathetic mock-up, rooted in none of the same social dynamics and aspirations, and attached to a personality with about as much charisma as a loaf of bread. If this were to be the frenzied peak of excitement in British electoral politics, I should just go into hibernation.
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