Dear Candidate

I am writing to you as the elections approaches about my concern on Human Rights both in the UK and internationally. I am particularly concerned about the impact that the erosion of human rights and civil liberties is having on some of our communities.

I would therefore like our candidates in the upcoming elections to commit themselves to upheld human rights for all and improve the lot of some of our most vulnerable communities.

I ask all candidates to commit themselves to improving the conditions of asylum seekers, in particular by:

· granting all asylum seekers the right to work;
· Ending forced evacuation to countries where asylum seekers’ safety cannot be guaranteed;
· Grnting full benefits to asylum seekers;
· Giving asylum seekers the same access to the National Health Service as the rest of us do.

I ask all candidates also to commit themselves to eliminating human rights abuses in the UK and in particular to:

· The 10 Pakistani students, either deported or facing deportation are allowed to complete their education in this country.
· We demand that the British resident still held at Guantanamo be brought back to this country.
· The newly elected local and national candidates must do everything possible to ensure the proper investigation of all allegations of complicity in torture of an ex-Guantanamo detainee by our intelligence services.

I ask also ask candidates to commit themselves to eliminating human rights abuses of the Palestinians in Israel and occupied territories. 

· The British government continues to protect Israel against charges of human rights and international law violations.
·  Israel has nor been punished for its unprecedented attack on Gaza killing over 1300 Palestinians in 2009. 
· Britain should use its influence in the international community to ensure that the State of Israel complies with its international obligations
· The British government must stop military trade with Israel as part of an overall trade boycott until Israel meets its international obligations

As you seek to represent me in the next parliament I would like to hear your views on these issues I would like you to respond with what would be your position on the concerns I have expressed in this letter.

In the meantime I hope to receive your response as soon as possible so that I can decide my vote on the basis of your response to issues of concern to me.

I await your early response.


Yours sincerely                 

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