Egyptian Zionist puppet regime efforts to save the life of the captive Sultan Khallouf

Sultan Khuluf

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine: Egyptian Zionist puppet regime are exerting efforts to reach an agreement with the Nazi occupation authorities to save the life of the captive Sultan Khallouf and release him, the Palestinian Prisoners ‘and Editors’ Affairs Authority said.

The Commission said in a report on Monday, that after these Egyptian efforts, was determined today a court hearing to consider his case, and the court continues to this moment .

The prisoner, 38, from Burqin village in Jenin, who is currently in the Zionist hospital “Qablan”, has entered a critical and difficult stage after 61 days of his open hunger strike to refuse his administrative detention .

She noted that the prisoner is currently suffering from a brain dysfunction, severe mouth ulcers, severe vision impairment and pain throughout his body, and a significant lack of weight, as well as complaining of “inhale” persistent and can not make any movement, and suffers from severe headache .

The ICC warned that the captive Khallouf would enter the deadly danger at any moment if the administration continued its intransigence in not responding to his demand to end his administrative detention.

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