Croatia’s Serb “Krajinas” – European Genocide

Most of you will not have heard of a place known as the Krajinas in Croatia? In fact, none of you will ever see this place, the Krajinas does not exist any longer, it ceased to exist in 1995. Over 30,000 Serbian Men, Women and Children disappeared and are still unaccounted today, yet neither the so-called [caring] International Community nor the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former-Yugoslavia (ICTY), have never called for an investigation of the circumstances that led to the largest case of Ethnic Cleansing in Europe of over 200,000 Serbs from the Krajinas, Genocide and total wiping out from all modern day Maps of the existence of the Serbian enclave in Croatia.

In late-1995, Kofi Annan who was the United Nations Head of Peace-keeping Operations was appointed by Boutros Ghali, the UN Secretary-General at the time as the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General (SESG), to the Former-Yugoslavia(UNPROFOR), where he ensured that no investigation would be recommended to the UN Security Council thus ensuring the role of the USA and President Clinton in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Serbs in the Krajinas and subsequent Genocide would never be referred to any International Legal Bodies, a fact that is true even today.

Kofi Annan was the Head of the UN’s Peace-keeping Operations during the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, despite receiving warnings in advance he did not inform the UN Security Council of this imminent threat which led to the murder of over 800,000 Tutsis by the Hutu Tribe.

Regretfully Kofi Annan proved to be a useful idiot for some of the Members of the UN Security Council, specifically France, the UK and the USA, this is why Boutros Ghali was denied a full Second-Term as Secretary-General of the UN and Kofi Annan, an obedient and passive International Servant was selected and approved as Secretary-General and went on to serve Two full Terms.

The author of this article was serving in the UNPROFOR Mission in Zagreb during 1995-1996 period and travelled to Knin, the then Capital of the Krajinas shortly before the offensive in August 1995 and the again after one week and witnessed a sight that should never take place, ghost towns where only Croatian Military could be seen, bags, toys, clothes, kitchen utensils strewn all over the roads, homes burnt, and the absence of humanity. A few weeks earlier these places were full of life, children playing and people going about their normal every day lives. It now had a eerie sense of nothingness, very loud screams of helplessness despite the fact not a sound could be heard other than my own or the Croat Military laying Anti-Tank Mines all along the roads for some really bizarre reason, like they expected the Serbs to return and attempt to retake the towns and areas they were forcibly removed out of.

What is tragic is that Franjo Tudjman, the President of Croatia at the time who was a War Criminal for the Genocide conducted in the Krajinas and other conflict areas was never charged, he died a hero of the Croatian Republic. Kofi Annan was rewarded with a Nobel Prize, appointed Secretary-General of the UN and is now considered a respected Elder and Peace-maker. No investigation of the circumstances that led to the Ethnic Cleansing in Croatia, the disappearance of 30,000 Serbs nor Genocide has ever been conducted.

The Krajinas simply ceased to exist.

One thought on “Croatia’s Serb “Krajinas” – European Genocide

  1. “No investigation of the circumstances that led to the Ethnic Cleansing in Croatia, the disappearance of 30,000 Serbs nor Genocide has ever been conducted.”

    Yes because there was/is a strong anti-Serb agenda to break Yugoslavia into ethnically pure, weak and/or occupied statelets at the Serbs’ expense – the Serbs being the most numerous and ethnically cohesive of the ethnicities. But it seems you actually witnesses to what went on on the ground are not pushy enough with the truth. Also, you should have taken more pictures and videos of what you saw then as evidence.

    You have all the anti-Serb liars who are pushing their propaganda at every opportunity – they go at it almost daily for decades! Those like you – non-Serb witnesses (because we know the Serbs have no voice or say since the mainstream media purposely worked, and still work, at destroying that from the start) – have to work harder to keep the truth from being so twisted or buried.

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