Anders “Braveheart” Breivik – A Brilliant Military Tactician



Anders “Braveheart” claims to have procured ingredients for a 950-kgs crude Bomb, built it from scratch without it going off or testing if it will actually work, ensure it is stable for transportation, dress up on the morning of 22 July 2011, kitted-out with High powered Rifles, thousands of Bullets, nerves of Steel and drove to the Government Building in Oslo where he calmly parked the vehicle, walked away fully armed and dressed like a Waterproof Policeman, went on to steal a vehicle to drive North-West of Oslo toward Utoya Island where he would cross by Boat to the Island, remember he is fully armed with Two-Rifles and 3-Pistols, 6500-Rounds (Bullets), lands on the Island and proceeds to shoot and kill 69-Innocents, then calmly calls the Police to surrender and after a few hours, negotiates his own peaceful surrender.

Wow, I am out of breath just writing this, imagine how Anders felt on the day, what a man, what a hero.

So, now it is clear that “Braveheart” who has not served a day in the Military, but is an expert of Call-of-Duty, Modern Warfare-2, the sequel to the best-selling first-person action game of all-time, and, expert Bomb-maker, Military-Tactician and Logistician. This man should be a Full-Bird Colonel and a Senior Operational & Tactical Advisor in NATO.

Except that this is really a fantasy, Mr Breivik is the Norwegian Walter Mitty, he did not build the Bomb, it was built by an expert Ex-Army Ordnance Bomb-maker, he did not carry-out the killings on Utoya on his own, this is why he is still breathing, like Lee Harvey Oswald, Breivik is a ‘Patsy’ with multiples of “Grassy Knolls” to be found on Utoya, the real shooters got away and are probably dead now, leave nothing to chance, not even a ‘Jack Ruby’ to finish off Breivik because this type of thing just doesn’t happen in Scandinavia.

Even a highly trained Special Forces Team of 20-men would require hundreds of Logistical Troops to provide support for this type of Operation which in Military Terms was a success in it’s execution (if you forgive the Pun).

No, that’s right, you heard right, not possible for one man to carry-out these vile attacks, you can bet you very lives that this was a Conspiracy and a major cover-up is underway.

If this was a “Muslim” the conclusions would have been that this is a Major Operation planned, trained, financed in the Border-areas of Afghanistan-Pakistan, a Salafist-AQ-Taliban-Shia-Sunni-Donald Duck inspired Operation.

More attacks are on the way, the Far-Right Groups have carried-out their first major attack very successfully. The next one will be even more spectacular, we are all sleep-walking into believing Anders “Walter Mitty” Breivik planned, financed, carried-out this attack on his own.

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