Corporate lobbyists are controlling our democracy.

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How many times have we all read the newspaper and wondered, “How do we rescue our democracy from corporate lobbyists?”
Evidence that our democracy is broken is all around us, from the foreclosure signs in our neighborhoods to the oil washing up on our beaches.
We need a grassroots groundswell to take on the corporations that are holding our democracy hostage. So a bunch of progressive groups are launching an ambitious project to create a new blueprint, written by all of us together, for putting the People back in charge of our government. Together we can make democracy work for the other 98% of us who DON’T have corporate lobbyists in Washington.
We’re calling it Stand for Democracy. Hundreds of folks have submitted ideas for how to curb corporate influence: And you can join the fun. It just takes five minutes to rate and submit some ideas — just
click here to get started:

Once we’ve all had a chance to see and rate some of the ideas, we’ll announce the top 20 finalists and ask everyone to choose the five ideas that, together, would do the best job of making our democracy work for regular people.
Of course, fixing our democracy is a huge job. And nobody expects we can fix it in a month or a year. But it’s a problem we have to tackle. As we saw again and again this year — from the insurance companies killing the public option to the oil and coal companies blocking clean energy legislation — the change we voted for in 2008 will be impossible to achieve until we take on the influence of these corporations and their puppets in Washington, D.C.
Right now, there’s so much frustration across the political spectrum with Washington that we have a real window to push for reform. But it’ll only work if we all get involved. And the first step is to agree on what we want. Be part of that process:
Click here to take five minutes to rate some ideas for our collective agenda.
Thanks for making democracy work for the other 98% of us.
Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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