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Condition of prisoner Obaid reflects inhumanity of Nazi Camp

Ahmed Obaid

Condition of prisoner Obaid reflects inhumanity of Israeli jailers

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GAZA, (PIC)+ The father of the cancer-stricken prisoner, Ahmed Obaid, did not conceal his concern that his son might die inside the Israeli occupation prisons due to his severe illness and the occupation’s procrastination in providing him with the necessary treatment.

Majdi Obaid, the father, appealed, in a statement to the PIC, to the world community to intervene to save his son’s life before it is too late, stressing that his son needs urgent surgery to prevent the spread of cancer throughout his body.

There are more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons, many of them suffer from various diseases, 300 of whom suffer from chronic diseases and 10 of them have cancer and tumors of varying degrees.

This is due to the medical negligence which resulted in the death of more than 227 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons since 1967.

Prisoner Obaid was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces in 2017 and was not suffering from any disease. However, due to the poor and inhuman conditions of detention, he is now suffering from bowel cancer and his health condition has deteriorated.  

Solidarity rally 

Wa’ed Association for Prisoners and Released Prisoners organized a solidarity rally with the sick prisoner Obaid and demanded the immediate release of him and the other sick prisoners. 

The association warned the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) against unethical experiments of unknown drugs against the Palestinian detainees which might endanger their lives.

The ex-prisoner, Abd al-Latif Abu Lawz, speaking on behalf of the Wa’ed Association, said that the presence of jamming devices on communications has caused cancer to some prisoners.

He stressed that Obaid experiences great suffering following the discovery of his infection with bowel cancer and his health has significantly deteriorated. Obaid needs to undergo surgery while the occupation keeps stalling, he added.

Abu Lawz pointed out that the reports of local and international institutions related to human rights and the affairs of prisoners confirm that the Israeli prison service (IPS) is exploiting the treatment of prisoners to bargain and put pressure on the detainees.

He underlined that this matter constitutes a flagrant violation of the articles of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions which stipulated the right to treatment and medical care for sick prisoners.

The spokesperson of Wa’ed listed a number of health violations practiced by the IPS against Palestinian and Arab prisoners in its detention centers.

The most notable violations are the policy of deliberate medical negligence, procrastination in providing treatment, and delaying surgical operations for sick prisoners.

The lack of specialized doctors inside the prisons is another problem as the doctor in the Israeli prisons is the only doctor in the world who treats all diseases with an Akamol tablet and a cup of water, according to Wa’ed. 

Furthermore, Abu Lawz added that the sick prisoners are transported while they are handcuffed and shackled in a brutal manner.

He called on international institutions to intervene urgently to save the lives of the Palestinian sick prisoners and to check the IOA policy of medical negligence.

Abu Lawz held the IOA fully responsible for the lives of the sick prisoners, especially prisoner Obaid.

He also called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities, warning of a systematic and heinous crime being committed by the IOA in adopting racist laws and legislations against Palestinian prisoners.

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