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Several radio segments of unremitting mellifluous brilliance. On class wars, I start about 55 percent of the way in: On Class Wars And on Beyond the Pale, WBAI: Explaining Jewbonics.
And I wrote something on climate change and Cochabamba for Truthout:
It was a rounding error: 3, 3.5 million dollars, the amount of funding in
climate aid that the United States had taken away from Bolivia, in explicit
retribution for Bolivia’s filibuster at the Copenhagen Summit this past
December, when along with Venezuela, the Sudan, Nicaragua and Ecuador, it
effectively scuppered the Copenhagen accords.
Remember Copenhagen? The Copenhagen treaty would have locked what passed for agreed upon terms into a legally binding agreement. An agreement that wouldn’t have bound anyone to do anything at all except toss around a couple billion dollars in transfers from the developed to the underdeveloped world, a thousandth of what we spent on bank bailouts.
The negotiators mumbled about a “goal” of keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius, but without enforcement mechanisms, without specifying emissions cuts, without apportioning responsibility and without adequate financing mechanisms.
A vague, do-nothing treaty would have been fantastic for an American government that has categorically “reject [ed] [any] sense of guilt or culpability or reparations” for past emissions, in the words of climate envoy Todd Stern.
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