Chutzpah: ‘Peter Beinart hates IsraHell’


You got to love the cock-fighting among the Jewish Zionists and the Israel-Firsters. Last week two amusing events happened. First, American academic, author and former editor of Ziocon mouthpiece, The New Republic, Peter Alexander Beinart (b. 1971) was forced to cancel East Bay Area tour to promote his latest book ‘The Crisis of Zionism‘ by a vicious campaign lead by Jewish Federation board member Jonathan Wornick. The function was schedule to be held at the East Bay Jewish Community Center (EBJCC) in Berkeley. The event was to be moderated by Dr. Penny Rosenwasser. However, as a founding member of ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’, Israel lobby groups are very allergic to her. The EBJCC is mainly funded by Israel-Firster millionaire Tad Taube, owner of Koret Foundation.

The Zionist Jonathan Wornick was so mad at Beinart’s slight criticism of the Zionist regime – that according to Jewish journalist Max Blumenthal, he vowed to kill Muslims.

Dr. Yoel Finkelman, an Orthodox Zionist Jew, has resigned from Beinart’s blog saying that it has begun publishing views biased toward Israel by portraying it “occupation” and “apartheid state” while ignoring the fact that every time Israel has withdrawn from it captured lands (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem), anti-Israel Islamists have come into power.

The second episode was that British Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson signed a list of high-profile figures in the arts world calling on the Globe Theatre to cancel its invitation to an Israeli company, Habima, to next month’s Shakespeare Cultural Olympiad event. Personally, I believe, Habima’s narrative of Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ main character ‘Shylock’. Jewish groups have been very critical of Shakespeare’s so-called ‘Jewish bashing’. French historian, Ghislain Muller, has claimed in his recent book, ‘Was Shakespeare a Jew?‘ – that Shakespeare’s father Richard Shapiro was a Jewish immigrant from Bohemia who settled in England in 1515, married a Catholic woman Mary and changed his name to Shakespeare. “If Shakespeare, or his father or grandfather had acknowleged they were Jewish, they would have been dispossessed of all their land, houses and good and probably deported,”wrote Muller. I am sure Shakespeare must be happy to know that now his fellow Jews have turned into king-makers in the same country.

Peter Beinart is not an ordinary American Joe. He is an associate professor of journalism and political science at City University of New York, senior political writer for the Ziocon The Daily Beast and editor of its blog ‘Open Zion’. He was a vocal supporter of invasion of Iraq for the benefit of Israel. He also supported Israeli invasions of Lebanon (2006) and Gaza (2008-09). Beinart believes Israel is a ‘Jewish state’ and is totally against Palestinians’ right of return to their homes from where their ancestors were expelled by the Europe’s unwanted Jews. Beinart believes the right of return would be a death blow to the Jewish state. However, his recent writing show that as Israel is getting isolated more and more from the rest of the world – Beinart is worried about the very survival of the Zionist entity as result of the Zionist regime’s wrong policies. He supports Israel’s boycott but only the goods from Jewish settlements in the West Bank and not from Israel and the Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.

Peter Beinart’s book, ‘The Crisis of Zionism’, has very anti-Semitic begining. “I wrote this book because of my grandmother, who made me a Zionist. And because of Khaled Jaber, who could have been my son,”wrote Beinart. That statement is enough to make any fully brainwashed Zionazi to pull his/her hairs. Jewish ‘Tablet magazine’ called the book; “Beinart’s False Prophecy“. Beinart says in the book that most of radical Zionist leaders are still living in 1939 Europe and don’t realize that it’s 2012 and there is no Nazi Germany.

A few years ago, a journalist reported that Malcolm Hoenlein (executive vice-chairman of powerful Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations) – had a photo in his conference room of Israeli F-15s flying over Auschwitz. It’s a photo of a fantasy. Israeli jets never bombed Auschwitz and never will. What they have bombed, in recent years, is the Gaza Strip, a fenced in, hideously overcrowded, desperately poor slum from which terrorist groups sometimes shell Israel. Hoenlein, in other words, has decorated his conference room not with an image of the reality that he helps perpetuate, but with an image of the fantasy he superimposes on that reality,” wrote Beinart.

Khaled Jaber referred Beinart in his book – is the little crying Palestinian boy whose father, Fadal, was arrested and manhandled by half a dozen Jewish soldiers in 2010 in front of his family. Fadal’s crime was he tried to use some of water piped to illegal Jewish settlements from his village wells – after being denied access to the water source. Currently, more than 75% of water in the West Bank is reserved for the Jewish settlements. Watch a video of the little boy below.

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