Blogger Detained in Qatar

NOVANEWS modernityblog Tags: Alkarama, Blogger, Blogging, Censor, Detained, Global Voices, Human rights, Internet Censorship, Khalaifi, Locked up, Qatar, Sultan, Sultan al-Khalaifi, US ally | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:   News is coming out that a blogger, Sultan al-Khalaifi, has been detained in Qatar by the State security services: “Blogger and human […]

Interrogated by Zio-Nazi Gestapo

NOVANEWS Israeli solidarity activist interrogated by police for “incitement” Israeli solidarity activist interrogated by police for “incitement” More Recent Articles Search The Only Democracy?   Sara Benninga, whose speech I reposted here on the blog, […]

Nazi Slaughter of Innocents

NOVANEWS Recalling the Slaughter of Innocents by crescentandcross       By Ray McGovern  February 15, 2011 — Twenty years ago, as Americans were celebrating Valentine’s Day, Iraqi husbands and fathers in the Amiriyah section of Baghdad were […]