May 16, 2010 

by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
I was asked during an interview on Al Jazeera the question that every Muslim lives with every day, “How can a small country like Israel control America.”  My answer was simple.  Imagine a friend comes to you screaming, “Someone stole my house!”  You ask him what happened.  His response; “I put my house up for sale, I asked $200,000 dollars.  A man came to the door and said he wanted my house.  He gave me $200,000 bucks and now I have no home.”
Israel doesn’t buy influence and control in America, we sold it to them.  The price tags were there, had been there forever.  Anyway, there isn’t such a thing as Israel.  Yes, it is a country, like America but we don’t exist either, not really, we never did.  Our Civil War proved this. 
 A country is like a company with a flag, a company that doesn’t have to pay its workers, can even jail or kill them if it wants to.  Real countries today are owned by stockholders, we call them banks, who hire managers who work for them.
We call this “government.”
This should explain why the two American political parties act the way they do.  They really don’t exist.  American history classes are filled with fun days and boring days.  During the boring days, the teacher talks about monetary policies and banking.  In 1791, Alexander Hamilton set up the Central Bank of the United States. 
 It was controlled by England, our enemy, at least on the surface but was run by the Rothschilds.  Jefferson saw that such a bank would turn America into a criminal empire.  Jefferson favored “democracy” and Hamilton favored “conservatism” as expressed in “Federalism.”
There is a clear difference between these two.  Federalism has always been based on elimination of personal liberties.  A Federalist nation is a dictatorship of the wealthy where individual enterprise is squashed by syndicates and monopolies tied to the banks and the foreign owners of the banking system. 
Theoretically, a Federalist or Conservative government is one under foreign control through a central bank that funds a series of syndicates or monopolies that rule through government.
The idea of political parties and the Constitutional oddity of the “electoral college” and a Supreme Court that could overrule laws wanted by the people was how this foreign rule was to be implemented.  The “rubber stamp” for this system was the Senate, a group chosen, not elected, until well into the 20th century. 
With vote restricted to larger land owners and successful merchants and political parties managed by the banks through control of capital, government had only one duty, protecting the owners and securing a ruling class.
During that same class that we all slept through, someone mentioned a Second Bank started in 1811.  President Andrew Jackson hated this bank because he believed as so many do now, that “debt based currency” which we know as, well, what we carry in our pockets is nothing but a game that encourages economic manipulation and crashes that end up putting all wealth in the hands of speculators. 
You know what they are, Goldman Sachs/Wall Street types.  Jackson took all government money out of the bank, fired two Secretaries of the Treasury to do it and fought back while our British and Rothschild masters tried to economically crush America in retaliation.
These are the reasons Presidents like Jefferson and Jackson were great men, reasons we don’t teach anymore.  Even then, America was duped, milked for all it was worth by foreign groups that found the price tag that so many of our “better classes” were born with.  If you wanted to find where they teach Americans to sell out, look to Harvard and Yale.
The final nail in Americas coffin was the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson.  The history books fail us totally when explaining “national banks” and “state banks” and money for planting season.  We slip into a century of ignorance ending with today’s America with half the taxes we collect going to pay interest on money that never existed in the first place and all but 3% of the population ending up with nothing at all. 
 80% of the “Reagan millionaires” still around have a negative net worth.  40% of American home owners owe more than their homes are worth and wages and our standard of living has plummeted since 2000.
What have we become?  We have spent ourselves into a century of poverty developing weapons and fighting wars for multi-national corporations, bankster thieves and massive international drug cartels that control the governments of every “free country” on earth from England to Israel to India to Germany and, especially, the United States of America.
Stealing a term from Jeff Gates, the systematic manipulation and control of nation after nation by sinister interests that are very real, interests hidden behind mythology, be it fictions of religion, stories of imaginary national struggles against non-existent evil or the rallying cry of “us against them” patriotism or, as has become popular of late, incessant fear mongering and hate, all begins through the destruction of human reason.
The focus has gone to Israel above all other nations for a couple of reasons:

  • Israel, through a network of “assets” and powerful individuals placed in key positions over generations has virtual control over the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Poland and Russia.  It has increasing influence over China and India.  The dedication and achievement here has been brilliant but the end result may bode poorly for humanity.
  • Israel itself is hardly a home for Jews or has anything to do with religion.  It is a “state of convenience” much like Andorra or the Cayman Islands where you can get good coffee or find nice beaches but the underlying purpose is a safe haven, a nation operating totally outside all international law that can never answer for anything it does because of the its influence in the US and their military power and veto in the United Nations Security Council.  Israel has broken every imaginable law, sold WMDs to dictators, spied on friends, so much more, assassinations, massive financial crimes and nothing is ever done.  Some would call it brilliant.  Some would call it depraved.  Few call it anything because Israeli interests control almost all media and pop culture in the world.


  • Thinking of “Islam” as a billion people all behind a single idea is insane.  Muslims hate each other more than they hate Christians and Jews.  Arabs, Pakistanis or Indonesians have little or nothing in common but religion and are extremely unlikely to ever band together for anything at all.  In fact, Islam, like every other religion, has been used to control and exploit.  Filled with tenets of sharing and charity, there are so many wonderful things within Islam as with other religions.  Islam developed in a pre-feudal culture and, as is easily shown by Saudi Arabia and has massive failings if it is relied on as an impetus for good government.  The problem is, this message is droned into Americans and other westerners 24 hours a day without balance or fairness.  Look at Paksitan.  It is run by 5 families.  It has extremely rich and extremely poor.  It has nuclear weapons, wonderful engineers and scholars and horrible poverty.  Yet, next door is India, a country that spends its life telling of corruption in Pakistan.  India is run by 40 families.  It has extremely rich and extremely poor, in fact so many extremely poor people that the numbers are almost unimaginable.  It has nuclear weapons, wonderful engineers and scholars and horrible poverty.
  • The vision we have of Islam as a threat isn’t real, it is a product of the Cold War when the US and Russia played childish games with the world over failed political systems, poorly designed communism and “pretend capitalism” run by banksters, oil companies and totally corrupt political parties.  Horribly corrupt states aligned with America, often operating with brutal oppression as with Iran.  No matter how vicious the dictator, he was considered a heroic defender of freedom if he took American money.  Any state that aligned with Russia was considered a “rogue state” and enemy.  Many states, like Iraq and Egypt went both ways, became “rogue states” and later became “democracy loving allies.”  How did Saddam move from “democracy loving ally” to “brutal dictator?”  With Russia gone and Israel wanting to crush any powerful rivals in the Middle East, it was simple.  The real history, the secrets your grandchildren may be privileged to read will tell the story of how Saddam was pushed into invading Kuwait, told by America it was ‘OK” and then, eventually crushed.  When George Herbert Walker Bush refused to finish the job, he was thrown out of office.  When Clinton refused to finish the job, he was impeached.  When Al Gore couldn’t be trusted to finish the job, his presidency was overturned in a rigged election and an outrageous and illegal Supreme Court 5/4 decision.  When “little Bush” took over, dry drunk, addict, sociopath and weakling, America fell totally to Israel.

Between 50 and a hundred million people died in World War II.  The real causes of the war are always lied about.  Those who win wars enjoy lying about them later and hanging the losers as “war criminals.”  A key component of the war was Hitler’s hatred for the Jews and his idea that Jews could no longer be allowed to live in Germany or “Greater Germany,” which could have meant anything.  Was this belief insane?
Of course it was.  Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism had been blended into a racist monstrosity that attracted a powerful following among very diverse groups all over the world.  Wealthy and powerful “conservatives” hated Jews as “foreigners” or “dirty” and Christians used hatred of Jews as a way of advancing religious dogma. 
An undercurrent of financial elitists, the Bush family, Rockefellers, Henry Ford along with Britain’s aristocracy and many others saw Zionism as a threat to civilization. 
They believed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a publication  of immense controversy, outlined a plan by world Zionists to push America and Europe into a series of wars ending up with massive debt, economic collapse and eventual rule by a banking cabal controlled by Jews. 
However the Protocols were real or a forgery, world financial systems that have guided a well over a century of our history have been controlled by Jewish banking organizations, groups that, however, in now way reflect the values or aspirations of Jewish people.  Not knowing this was Hitler’s insanity.
Hitler blamed the Jews for creating communism and for working with the British and French governments to misuse certain codicils of the Treaty of Versailles to loot Germany’s banking system.  To Hitler, communism was a Jewish creation and the failed war one that Jews had somehow manipulated Britain and France into forcing on Germany.  A strong case can be made for this analysis but factors of German character and nationalism also play a significant part.
Jews were a vital part of Germany, making up a good portion of her armed forces in WW1.  Even in WW2, 150,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht.  With the founding of the State of Israel, the tradition of Jews defending the nations of their birth has become unpopular.
When examining the holocaust, it is only fair to include Russian civilians as the single largest group of sufferers by far but also, Gypsies, and even British civilians exposed to Germany bombing must also be mentioned.  Discussions over “how many” or “gas chambers or disease” are, or should be meaningless except for one vital issue. 
Israel uses continual references to the holocaust to justify acts not dissimilar that it has engaged in that have, directly or indirectly, led to the deaths of well over a million, Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese and others.  There would have been no Iraq war without the manipulations of Israel and her friends in America, in America but working against America.
A strong case for a holocaust against Palestinians  that support deaths of up to 500,000, 300,000 of whom may have been murdered in massive ethnic cleansing in the late 1940s is, not only supportable but not the root of our current Middle Eastern ensions. 
This holocause occurred while Israel was telling the world they were under continual attack from massed Arab armies, a cover story that was a total fiction, a fiction depicted in the Paul Newman film, Exodus.  As Jeff Gates states, “Israel has a talent for story telling, supplanting truth with beliefs.”
Thus, little or nothing of what 90% of Americans, everyday people, scholars and even political leaders believe is true.  Much of it is totally false, utterly without any basis in reality whatsoever.  People who are conditioned to accept lies unquestioningly are slaves.
It doesn’t take a genius to trick a Jew into supporting something insane.  If a Jew in America reads that Arab armies, armies we know simply don’t exist, are waiting to invade and start a new holocaust, he will give money, even send his children to train with the IDF. 
This same person sends money to the ACLU and may have marched next to Martin Luther King.  How does a person know how to do what is right when they are lied to?
Christians are the same way.  How easy was it to twist millions who mean well into forces for totalitarianism, nuclear destruction and genocide simply by selling the heretical absurdities of rapture and the “end times.” 
The innate desire for human beings to have hope, believe they can survive the blackness of inevitable and permanent death and yet, while alive, be a part of a complex mythology far more science fiction than Christianity.
If you can sell someone one outrageous lie, you can sell another.  Once people believe that eternal life is tied to supporting a corrupt Middle Eastern government involved in a massive genocide, you can convince them of anything.  Imagine telling a person working in a Walmart, subject to firing at any second, one paycheck from living under a bridge that a government effort to provide reliable medical care for their children, children who haven’t been to a dentist for years, that “socialism” is going to over throw America’s “free market system.”
Anyone could and many have convinced people who believe any of these things to kill kids in Gaza, torture and rape innocent kidnap victims in secret prisons or worse and we have done so much worse than this.
We start by convicing decent people, through systematic psychological warfare waged through pop culture, TV news, radio propagandists and religious phonies that up is down and black is white.  After conditioning all reason and reliance on rationality and fact away, constant droning of “fear this” and “fear that” leads to “hate this” and “hate that” and we have reverted a human into something less, much less than an animal. 
Are the people we see as enemies really our friends and the people we see as friends really our enemies?  Does a human being know the moment they wake up a monster?  If you are immune to brutal crimes committed in your name, whether tons of drugs shipped out of Afghanistan or an hispanic disabled veterans being hounded by police in Arizona, you have become a monster.
At least we don’t have to worry about Palestinians and Gaza.  Every American with a televsion or radio has, for generations, been continually told that Palestinians were murderous animals that deserved to be killed, even at birth.  Every time you see this in a film or TV show, wait for the credits.  Check the names.  When you hear it on the radio, see who pays the bills.  You won’t be surprised, we have always known all along.
Everyone isn’t supposed to be an economist or really know the difference between a Fascist or a Federalist.  Frankly the differences are so subtle it doesn’t matter anyway.  There are some things that can be accepted and built from.  Every list starts somewhere, and the basic aspects of what is and is not real is our biggest stumbling block.

  • Nearly 7 decades ago, Eleanor Roosevelt pushed the United Nations, an organization crippled by security council veto power, to accept a declaration of universal human rights.  Since that time, aggressive war, human trafficking, economic exploitation along with ethnic, racial and religious violence have moved the world backward instead of forward.  Until we define a human being with rights free from mitigation because of race, religion or any other imaginable reason, and are willing to use every resource at our command to enforce such human rights, we are a failed species.
  • Until we are willing to accept that the predominant western culture that defines our planet is instilled at its root with a bias toward spreading poverty and debt for the purpose of centralizing control of the world’s assets, be they human labor, oil, minerals or intellectual achievement, we will never understand the nature of our collective decline and our shared fate.
  • Until we are ready to accept that the global drive to the accumulation of power through debt, a power dependent on chaos, on war, on corruption at every level, is the primary impetus for the vast majority of the world’s governments and super-governmental institutions that control wealth and resources, human history will remain in freefall.
  • Until we are ready to criminalize systematic disinformation campaigns disseminated through centralized control of the worlds mass media, campaigns designed to disenfranchise the “so called” democratic west, we will exist in little more than Kafkaesque slavery.

In a world of “think tanks” and “postion papers,” of universities devoid of academic freedom and endless political espousements from rodeo clown hate mongering propagandists, those who “get it” may only be 1%.  They won’t be the richest, the most righteous nor are they likely to be famous. 
They will define courage, sacrifice and honor because these are terms they would never use, not for themselves or others.  Those who know all war to be economic and all “news” to be lies are of the 1%.
A “one percenter” asks where the $65 billion in heroin profits from Afghanistan went.  A “one percenter” asks why $275 billion in pentagon fraud is discovered but swept under the rug a day later.  A “one percenter” watches planes crash into the twin towers and may think terrorism but then watches Building 7 mysteriously flow into the ground, “pulled” somehow magically at a moments notice and knows a game is afoot. 
A “one percenter” will immediately turn on the TV, wait for the pre-scripted harangues to begin and predict the road to totalitarianism at home, war abroad and the eventual economic “pump and dump” collapse everything was staged to bring about.
When a “one percenter” hears the word “patriot” or sees a flag or bible, he cringes, knowing a scoundrel is afoot.  If a new world is built, it is the one percent that will do it.

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