But do you condemn Hamas?

Fernando Guevara writes:

The creation of a hostile environment against any reporter who wishes to discuss the wanton destruction that Zionism launches at all democratic institutions throughout the world is a deliberate attack on the essence of reporting itself. The attacks are as widespread as the protests against them, and include the murder of many reporters in Gaza.

Mapping protests

Protests in support of Gaza or Palestine can be seen all over the world: Seoul, Cairo, Mexico City, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Podgorica/Titograd, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Ankara, Istanbul, Tunis, Brussels, Berlin, Baghdad… People have risen in demonstrations across Australia, Asia, North and South America, Africa – on every continent. Half a million protesters in London in just one day. Maybe 25,000 in Copenhagen in just one of the many demonstrations in Denmark. Fifty thousand people in one day in Sydney…

Many are chanting: ”In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians!”

Even mainstream media can not ignore this, no matter how they try to downplay the numbers. But news anchors’ opening cue, put to anyone who tries to address Israel’s genocide against Palestine, is almost without fail: “But do you condemn Hamas atrocities?”

The anchors who pose that question are not themselves shocked by ANY atrocities. They are speaking on behalf of the oligarchic military industry that they represent. This is reflected in their having no objection to:

1. Israel’s sealing off the entire civilian population in Gaza (placing a separation wall to one side, to complement the natural barrier of the sea on the other, thereafter bombing them from the air);
2. Israel’s collective starvation and punishment of this civilian population of more than 2.2 million people, overwhelmingly children and ailing persons;
3. Israel’s ordering this population to evacuate while they are locked up in their concentration camp;
4. Israel’s bombing of these civilians as they undertake the impossible task of trying to flee;
5. Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of all of Palestine, which has gone on for over 100 years;
6. Israels Basic law, which provides that the “right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people”.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of the crimes carried out on a daily basis; it is only meant to give examples.

No objection does the militarised media have to these crimes against humanity – even when Israeli politicians state their genocidal intent explicitly or spell it out in official documents, including laws. These are matters of no mention. The issue is rephrased to be a problem that starts with Hamas. (Wasn’t Hamas created in the 1980s?) In other words, every discussion starts so far in reverse, and so out of context, that reporters from Gaza rarely get to the points they are trying to make about the “conflict” there.

The problem is always any crime committed by Hamas, which is discussed to the exclusion of any crimes committed by Zionists, including Zionism itself. And all mainstream media are providing cover for what Naftali Bennett calls the Palestinians’ “self-genocide”. This surreal environment permeates legacy media all over “The West”.

The anchor men and women will go to great length to hide that Hamas’s political wing’s General Principles and Policies, updated in 2017, provides, inter alia, security for all (no, they do not wish to put Jews in the sea; it is hard to keep a straight face each time I hear this trope).

The way I understand Hamas’s principles is, in summary: While they wish for a Muslim rule government in Palestine, they will defer to the democratic choice of the people, as a result of free and fair elections, which is a chore principle of their policies. Every Palestinian is included in these elections, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or of other no faith. This part of Hamas’s policy is not surprising in itself, since respect for other religions is a basic tenet of Islam. With a Hamas government, the persons who are currently euphemistically called “settlers” may remain in Palestine, as long as it is understood that Palestine belongs to all Palestinians. Compare this to Israel’s Basic Law.

Those are the issues that the Bi-Bi C and other legacy media fear we will learn. No wonder Israel is terrified of Hamas! Maybe not as much of their rockets as of the knowledge they might spread. The official Hamas document can be found here. It is a 10-page document, but well worth a read. Following is an excerpt:

> Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. It provides an umbrella for the
> followers of other creeds and religions who can practice their beliefs in security and safety (emphasis added). Hamas also believes that Palestine has always been and will always be a model of coexistence, tolerance and civilisational innovation.
> Islam is against all forms of religious, ethnic or sectarian extremism and bigotry. It is the religion that inculcates in its followers the value of standing up to aggression and of supporting the oppressed.
> The Zionist project is a racist, aggressive, colonial and expansionist project based on seizing the properties of others.
> Hamas does not wage a struggle against the Jews because they are Jewish but wages a struggle against the Zionists who occupy Palestine. Yet, it is the Zionists who constantly identify Judaism and the Jews with their own colonial project and illegal entity (emphasis added).
> Hamas rejects the persecution of any human being or the undermining of his or her rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian grounds.(pp.3-5.).

Personally, I neither believe there should be a Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu or any other religious rule or government. I am of the belief that all religions are to be practised on a personal, spiritual level, and should never be politicised. I do believe, however, that the way each individual practices religion – and the way we exercise power – are the two most revealing factors of who we are as persons. Further, while I am no expert on religions, it is my impression that the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are more or less interpretations of the same basic religion.

Having been said that, I see that we would enjoy a lot more freedom of faith under properly interpreted Islam (I am not talking about the Saudi interpretation here), than under the European, American or the Indian regimes that are currently run by Islamophobic racists.

Is it strange that the powers that be, in their death throws, fear that seven billion people have had enough? They would turn off our electricity, our internet, if they thought they could get away with it now. Meanwhile, they are turning reality inside out in their attempts to convince us that Hamas wishes to inflict unbelievable atrocities on the Jews and the whole world.

But if we listen carefully, we can learn a great deal from Zionist rhetoric. What they are laying out in minute, chilling, detail is the most sinister and most accurate narrative of what has been going on for over 100 years. The only thing they are attempting to hide from us now is the identity of the orchestrators of the terror. Zionists allege that Hamas (whom they now desperately conflate with ISIS) wishes to carry out the atrocities. Meanwhile, Zionists are carrying them out in plain view.  

The above reflects the context in which there is a globalist attack not only on the Palestinians, but on all democratic institutions.

The immediate reason that so many of us are taking to the streets across the globe is our shock over the attacks on Gaza, and the outrage we feel when we learn that our governments are complicit in the atrocities. But we are also demonstrating to save ourselves. We are under attack by a globalist venture, and we are starting to understand why reporters are being killed. We are all well advised to understand that we are next in line.

Once we evict the occupiers from our minds, it will be easier to evict them from our governments. I believe that a petition for the resignation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is still circulating. If it is still open for signatures at the publication of the present commentary, it can be found here: https://i.diem25.org/en/petitions/91.

Israel might be the headquarters of the biggest globalist venture. But Israel is not all they want.

So now is the only time we have to stop this madness. Many people are bravely risking their livelihoods to protest. More power to them! I wish to thank each and every person who stands up for the most oppressed, in this time when we pay so dearly for what we must do.

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