Is the brutal attack on the little girl shown on the left, and thousands more — justified because she is White?
A Concerned Woman’s Thoughts on White Genocide in South Africa!
The people of most countries in the world are almost all one race or one culture, especially in Asia and below the equator. In many countries where there’s a heavier mix, such as the United Arab Emirates, there are actually laws in place that protect the “natives”, while “foreigners” live under a different set of laws–including being denied citizenship even if they were born there.
There is nothing supremacist about the wish of any group to preserve who they are. It’s extremely difficult for foreigners to relocate to or become citizens of China–the Chinese are crystal clear they don’t want foreigners other than tourists, and not because of their population size, either.
I don’t have television, haven’t for many years. Television is a slow brainwash tool, and viewers are like frogs in a pot of water that is slowly turned to boil. When I see television, I’m like the frog who’s thrown in while it’s boiling–I’m shocked and jump out, and all the other frogs that have been in there don’t understand my reaction.
It is interesting for me to note that when I do catch some tv, most of the people on tape are minorities. More than half the time they show couples where the woman is white of European/Christian (non-Jewish) decent (in other words–blonde) and the man is black.
Most of the blonde women I ever see anymore who are with men are with a black man. They must watch a lot of television. I understand from the National Geographic that redheads are going extinct in about 100 years due to miscegenation with non-redheads; it seems to me the world will lose blue-eyed blondes as well.
When it comes to coloring, lighter shades are recessive genes. Why is it wrong to want to preserve the existence of people who look like that, but celebrate it when everyone else wants to do the same? To me, everyone has that right, and to say that one particular group doesn’t have that right is racist.
This conversation started because Tom posted a video about the extreme measures of violence against Afrikaners. When Afrikaners are murdered, it’s not by simple killing like a drive by shooting. They are usually tortured to death. Africans are even more vicious towards the Afrikaner women. I have a friend who showed me horrific photographs of Afrikaner women killed by torture. One had her breast cut off.
Another had a broomstick shoved so far up in her the other end protruded out her mouth. Would most people on this list agree that this should not be discussed and kept out of the media? If the races were reversed, would your opinion be different?
If these were photographs of Jewish women, or Palestinian women, a lot of people would be raising hell all over the world. Why must we ignore and keep our mouths shut when it happens to Afrikaners. Do you think they deserve it? If so, then does that mean a population deserves the same in Israel/Palestine–either the Jews or the Palestinians. Someone is in the wrong, so someone deserves what the Afrikaners are getting–right?
It is not wrong, racist, nor supremacist to want to preserve one’s own people. It’s normal. It’s good. It promotes vast creativity throughout the world–and everyone can share ideas across cultures and races. Biological and cultural differences do not take away from the fact that all spirits are the same, but support the ever constant creativity of the overall human spirit. Ensuring the longevity of one’s own race or culture is not supremacist, even if they are white.
I read a news article a couple of months ago about an elderly woman from a tribe somewhere in central Asia–who was the last surviving member of her tribe. She was the only person in the world who knew her native language. There was no other human being in the world she could speak her native language to. She talked about how lonely she felt.
What a tragedy this was for me to read. She was about to go extinct. She wasn’t white, I don’t remember what her race/culture was. I don’t want this to happen to anyone. I can at least learn from this woman vicariously what it must be like to be in her situation. I don’t wish this on anyone, certainly not myself.
What some of you are calling supremacist is not. Because it is ok to you that most people can do it, but that you explode when the subject is white people, I think you are the real racists. I don’t want anyone to cease to exist. But some of you get aggressively angry if someone white says they want to continue on, and also not be victims of violence.
Social identity and safety are basic human rights. Support them for all people. If you don’t, then it is you who needs to do some soul searching about your own racism.
I for one enjoy all the varieties of people and welcome them to the world. I want to be welcomed to the world, too.

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