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Dear Friends,

Please take a minute to sign a declaration of support on behalf of citizens of Israel for the huge (more than 700 people) Break the Siege of Gaza Flotilla that is planned to arrive at the Gaza port during the weekend.

This declaration is especially important because the Israeli navy is threatening to stop the boats and arrest the activists. Your message of solidarity and support for this mission and for the people of Gaza is vital! Please disseminate widely.

A Declaration of Support for the Break the Siege Flotilla on Behalf of Citizens of Israel

We, Israeli citizens, would like to express our full support for the “Break the Siege” flotilla to Gaza and to over 700 activists on board.

This courageous effort demonstrates growing international impatience towards Israel ‘s flagrant violation of international and human rights laws in Gaza and in other occupied territories.

We are appalled by Israeli propaganda, which continues to deny the suffering of the people in Gaza under the siege. We hold Israel accountable for the crimes that took place during the Cast Lead assault and thereafter; offenses in which the US , the EU, and the rest of the international community are complicit.

The Israeli siege imposes economic and political isolation on the people of Gaza and deprives them of the most basic rights: the rights to travel freely, study, work, receive medical treatment, and engage in the social, political and cultural life of the Palestinian people.

To all this we say:

Not in Our Name!

Eilat Maoz

Ofer Neiman

Dr. Kobi Snitz   


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