BOOKS : After the Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Israel’s Days are Numbered



<em>After the Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Israel's Days are Numbered</em> (£3.00)Early on the morning of Monday 31 May, in

international  waters  some  90  miles  from

Gaza’s coastline, and in direct contravention

 of international law and the Geneva conven-

tions,  Israeli  commandos  forcibly  boarded 

                                  a  peaceful convoy of

                                  aid ships that was 

                                  headed to Gaza city.

Articles in this pamphlet tell the story of the attack, as well

as setting out the consequences for  Israeli  zionism and for

the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

Following  the  attack  on the flotilla, Israel has never been

more  isolated,  in  spite  of all her weaponry, while, despite

the  Palestinians’  lack  of  arms, their cause has never been

so strong.

The  question  of  Palestinian  freedom  is  not  merely  an

academic or  altruistic one for British workers. When Isr-

ael finally falls, Anglo-American imperialism will receive

a  massive   blow – and   the   sooner  that  blow  comes,  the

sooner will our own struggle against imperialism be succe-


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