Black Panther Leaders ATTACKS Zionist Megan Kelly With Facts (VIDEO)


Leaves Her Speechless & Cutting To Commercial

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently interviewed Malik Shabazz, National President of Black Lawyers for Justice and former leader of the New Black Panthers. The interview centered around Shabazz’s controversial statements regarding the recent police shootings.

The interview began with Kelly questioning Shabazz over whether or not he considered the men involved in the recent cop shootings to be heroes. Shabazz denied he made those statements and shifted the focus of the discussion to police brutality. Shabazz said that the police often act as judge, jury, and executioner.

‘Let’s talk about the pain and the suffering of black people who are killed by police officers on a regular basis without due process serving as judge, jury, and executioner on a regular basis.’

Shabazz cited several examples, including Michael Brown, whom Kelly claimed was the aggressor. Kelly also stated that five black witnesses came forward to corroborate the officer’s story. Shabazz disputed this claim, saying that unless you have a videotape, the word of the officer is given precedence. He cited several witnesses who claimed Brown was not the aggressor.

Shabazz also said that Kelly’s basic position was one of white privilege and white supremacy because he believes she views black lives as less important than white lives. Kelly replied that it was Shabazz who was making the racially insensitive comments and that was why it was hard for her to take him seriously when he tried to discuss issues of race. Shabazz argued that we live in a racially insensitive country and that he’s merely the victim.

‘Kelly: Well I believe that you are the one who has made the racially INSENSITIVE statement time and time again.’

‘Shabazzz: No, no. It’s a racially INSENSITIVE country. I was just a victim.’

‘Kelly: That’s why it’s hard to take you seriously when you speak out about police and issues of race.’

‘Shabazz: …We can’t even make it to trial and get a decent trial with due process without the police of America killing us outright.’

Shabazz went on to say that the police in America are unrestrained and that no one is holding them accountable for the recent shootings. Kelly pointed out that President Obama’s Department of Justice has 26 ongoing investigations into the shootings and said Obama is reigning them in. However, Shabazz believes that the Department of Justice has failed. He also believes that Trump’s campaign is creating an atmosphere of police brutality.

‘The Department of Justice has failed us. the prosecutors in America have failed us…’

‘And this campaign here is creating an atmosphere where more police BRUTALITY is expected.’

Kelly also asked him if he believes white people are inherently evil, and he replied that he believes their actions and policies are evil. Kelly also repeatedly questioned him over the use of the term “cracker.” Shabazz said that, when angry, he had used the term and said that lots of people use derogatory terms when angry. Kelly countered that she doesn’t believe that’s the case.

Now, we can’t comment on how often terms such as “cracker” or other racial slurs are used, but some of the comments on Fox News’ official YouTube page certainly qualify as racist.

Fox News comment 1

Fox news comments 2

Watch the full debate below:

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