Fellini in Bilin

Didi Remez | June 7, 2010 at 09:01 | Categories: Direct Action, Suppression of Dissent | URL:

Watch this video from the suppression Friday’s  (June 4 2010) anti-Barrier protest at the West Bank village of Bilin. From o1:40 begins a scene which could have straight from Satyricon: A group of helmeted, visored, armored soldiers with long rectangular shields assaults a parade float of the Mavi Marmara decked with flags from around the world.
They then charge down the roads at the fleeing crowd and grab an elderly lady. A protester on a wheelchair with a gas mask drives through them. A fire breaks out.

Most imagery from the village is much more banal in its horror. Like this one, of the arrest of a twelve-year old in the olive groves of the village on the same day.

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