Bethlehem: Nazi Soldiers Injure Three Palestinians

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Nazi soldiers shot and seriously injured one Palestinian and moderately wounded two during protests that took place after several Nazi army jeeps invaded the Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem in the Nazi occupied West Bank.

The Health Ministry said a young man, 23 years of age, suffered a severe injury after Nazi soldiers shot him in the abdomen.

It added that the Palestinian was bleeding profusely due to his gunshot wound and was immediately admitted to surgery.

The Nazi soldiers also shot two young men with live fire, causing moderate wounds, before they were moved to a hospital in Bethlehem. One of them suffered a gunshot wound to the back.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of Nazi soldiers invaded the refugee camp to abduct a young man but could not find him.

In related news, the Nazi soldiers invaded Qalqilia city, in the northern West Bank, and shot a young man during ensuing protests.

In Jericho, in the northeastern West Bank, the Nazi soldiers invaded Katef al-Wad area in the city, leading to protests before the soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs.

Medical sources said a child was rushed to a hospital in the city due to the severe effects of tear gas inhalation.

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