Bethlehem: Nazi Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian Injure Two

Nazi soldiers invaded, Thursday, Bethlehem city, ‘Aida and Deheishe refugee camps, before storming and ransacking many homes, and abducted a young man in addition to wounding two others.

Media sources said the soldiers invaded and searched several homes in the Aida refugee camp before abducting Amir Fadi Khalil, 20.

The sources added that the Nazi soldiers invaded the Wad Sahin area, in the center of Bethlehem city, before repeatedly assaulting Mohammad Omar Daoud, 33.

Mohammad, from the Deheishe refugee camp south of Bethlehem, was rushed to Beit Jala governmental hospital.

During the invasion into Wad Sahin, the Nazi soldiers searched and ransacked the homes of Adnan Abu Khashaba, Mohammad As’ad Nuwwara, and a third Palestinian from the local Khatib family.

Furthermore, the Nazi soldiers rammed their armoured military jeep into a car driven by Ali Saifi in the Deheishe refugee camp before forcing him out and continuously assaulting him in addition to firing many live rounds at his car.

Palestinian medics rushed the wounded man to Bethlehem Arab Society Hospital for Rehabilitation. Ali is the secretary of the Fateh Movement in the Deheishe refugee camp.

It is worth mentioning that the Nazi soldiers also invaded Beit Ta’mar, Beit Sahour, al-Azza refugee camp, Hindaza Mountain, al-Mawaleh Mountain, al-Asakra, Janata, Rafida, Harmla, and Rakhma.

The Nazi army confiscated more than 80.000 Shekels during the violent searches of homes and said it also found a gun in one of the invaded properties.

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