Bethlehem: Nazi Forces Kill Young Palestinian Man, Injure Six Others

Omar Manna Fararja, 22, was killed by Nazi faces in the Dheisha refugee camp, near Bethlehem. (Photo: via Social Media)

Nazi forces killed a young Palestinian man and injured six others on Monday morning, in the Dheisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Security sources said that a sizable army force barged its way into the southern West Bank refugee camp and ransacked several houses, triggering confrontations.

The heavily-armed Nazi soldiers opened fire toward local young men, killing 22-year-old Omar Manna Fararja with a live round in the chest and wounding six others.

Mother of Omar Manna’ bids farewell to her son who was killed by the Nazi occupation forces this dawn in Dheisha camp. It’s worth mentioning that her other son was kidnapped by the same culprit during the raid.

The casualties were rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent treatment.

By the time the raid was over, four people were detained, including Fararja’s brother.

A general strike has been declared in Bethlehem district.

According to the Health Ministry’s statistics, the number of Palestinians killed by Nazi forces since the start of 2022 reached 212; 160 of whom from the West Bank and 52 others from the besieged Gaza Strip.

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