Bethlehem: Nazi Colonizers Burn Palestinian Lands

Illegal paramilitary Nazi JEWISH colonizers burnt Palestinian lands in the Qiddis area in Husan town, west of Bethlehem in the Nazi occupied West Bank.

Media sources said the Nazi JEWISH colonizers invaded the lands before setting them ablaze, while the Palestinians faced numerous difficulties reaching their lands because there are isolated in the middle of the illegal Bitar Illit colony.

A few days earlier, the Nazi JEWISH colonizers burnt lands in the same area, torching dozens of olive trees and causing two Palestinians to suffocate from smoke inhalation.

The lands are subject to repeated Nazi violations, including cutting and burning trees and assaults on the locals.

In related news, Nazi soldiers invaded the Al-Matina area at the eastern entrance of Husan near its main street, leading to protests before the Nazi soldiers fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, and gas bombs.

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